Episode 122: Fun Tickets in Our Pockets (2010 Edition)

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 24 2010 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Two concert roundups from the current Summerzcool winter session plus we share our ticket-buying stories.  (Special appearance by Jennifer.)

    02:55 - Heckler Custom Guitars
    04:13 - Encores album: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    04:59 - Jimmy in St Barth’s, according to Buffett News
    05:16 - Margaritaville CafĂ© in Nashville: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    05:23 - Funny or Die.com online | Funny or Die Presents on HBO
    18:53 - Jamaican Dogsled Team
    19:15 - the Iditarod Trail
    24:51 - if it sounds like Jimmy started early, it’s because I cut a few bars from the intro.  He started the verse on time but then stopped singing.
    25:13 - what a terrible crossfade.  This one concert roundup is rife with awkward and uninspired transitions.
    26:57 - once again, we saved the sad story for offline perusal: Save the Manatee.org says record cold is leading to record manatee deaths
    27:17 - a quick look at Margaritaville.com suggests the total is ten right now, not including the recently announced locations
    27:59 - DOM Coon’s photos, in our gallery: photo #1, photo #2, photo #3
    38:50 - conveniently, I finally got around to updating my selists pages two days prior

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