Episode 125: The Regional Pope of Southeast Michigan

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 31 2010 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “A look at the Encores track list, rumors of Jimmy playing the Super Bowl, and lots less on the next Wastin’ Away on the North Coast.  Stay tuned.  (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    01:33 - Buffett on the shortlist for Super Bowl halftime: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    01:45 - as discussed in Episode 120
    03:53 - Buffett Info.com’s Facebook group page for Buffett at the Super Bowl
    04:33 - I had a good time making fun of the spelling of “preform” in the title, but had to take it all back when the group name got changed
    04:49 - Encores track list: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    05:03 - Walmart.com’s Encores pre-order page
    05:38 - Buffett News’s Setlist Database
    07:05 - Encores at Mailboat Records.  According to the sound samples. “Tin Cup Chalice” is not from our 2008 Pine Knob show
    09:01 - as discussed near the end of Episode 115
    10:26 - Buffett surfing in St Barths, according to Buffett News
    10:39 - Buffett playing in Panama City FL: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    14:51 - we assumed jennifer must be a huge fan of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” every Wednesday, but she told us recently that there’s one guy who requests it every time he shows up.  Incidentally, “A Void of Romeo Void” was in contention for show name. 
    15:03 - Scott e-mailed us four times that afternoon to tell us about his school’s road rally fundraiser and how he would be expecting to take money from us…and then he never showed up for the podcast
    17:53 - or one of Santa’s helpers, more like
    20:08 - you know, there probably should be a double-entendre alarm here too

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