Episode 127: Slamming

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 5 2010 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Gibraltar MI
    “Smoking waitresses, slamming doors, Cinco de Mayo, and the start of the Under the Big Top tour.

    02:58 - http://www.ustream.tv/bttour
    03:57 - Atlanta Soundcheck Report, from Buffett World, with images of Jimmy’s chatroom post and iPad
    05:33 - “Encores Debuts at #7”, from Buffett News
    06:31 - “Jim Mayer’s Acoustic Bass Ukelele Stolen”, from Buffett World
    07:30 - “Buffett to appear on new Zac Brown Band Album, from Buffett News
    08:01Meat Us at Margaritaville for National Hamburger Month, from Margaritaville.com
    09:09 - “Buffett to visit Jamaica”, from Buffett News
    10:19 - “Buffett Comments on Aviation Route Named After Him, from Buffett World
    11:11 - I wasn’t sure if this story was appropriate any more: two candidates for North Carolina senate were squabbling over Gulf Coast “tourists covered in oil”.  (This was before the BP oil rig disaster.)
    11:19 - “HarperCollins to publish Bruce Cockburn’s memoir”, from National Post
    16:00 - Jimmy at the Lost party, from From the Hallelujah to the Hoot
    16:45 - Jorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel Live, from Tuesday, May 4 2010
    36:20 - this is the list Schmoe was trying to remember, from his May 4 e-mail:

Off the top of my head:
A Pirate Looks at Forty
Why Don’t We Get Drunk
That one song, Mar-guh-reeta-ville?
Cuban Crime of Passion
Somewhere Over China
Manana (updated lyrics, perhaps with a Downriver slant, maybe the Mighty North Coast Players can conduct one of their famous writing sessions - I am serious)
Some off the new album (NOT the chill the rose song, don’t worry Scott)
Three words:  Tin Cup Chalice (and perhaps the Wings will have the cup by then)

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