Episode 129: Dawn of the Duck

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 2 2010 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Fleeing from the bikers, we’re back at Zodiac.  Mike has some big news, Schmoe gets some big news, and we finish our look at the Big Top tour’s first leg and move on to the second.  (Special guest: Jennifer.  Cameo by Lee.)

    Note: this episode had a terrible glitch about a half-hour in.  It’s been corrected and we encourage you to re-download.  Details below.
    00:06 - when Schmoe looked over the bill for the pizza, he reported one of the toppings was “6P” which we assumed was code for something.  Later on, it was explained it’s really “GP” for green peppers.  (And, yes, her saying “green peckers” at 00:12 is deliberate.  It’s an old joke from Mike or Hud that she probably learned from us.)
    00:49 - that’s a reference to Jennifer saying “Leeno” instead of Lee or Dino, before we started recording.  This led to us calling her “Jeeno”, which inevitably led to our inventing a “Zeeno” who plays straight-man and sings a lot (which is a joke on the Marx Brothers, for all you youngsters out there)
    01:40 - we recorded soon after the Tigers game where Armando Galarraga pitched a 28-batter perfect game, only to have it taken away from him by a botched call by the first base umpire.
    Schmoe’s sarcasm is aimed at Tiger manager Jim Lehman’s statement, seen before we started recording, that the umpire is human and we all make mistakes.  Outraged by such a crappy call, we were out for blood, and all the good sportsmanship by the Tigers, pitcher Galarraga, and umpire Jim Joyce, both that night and especially the following day, was really spoiling our thirst for vengeance.
    05:21 - The Abyss (1989), at IMDb
    08:34 - Aquaman would be a better idea; Iron Man’s a better pop reference
    10:29 - “ Buffett helps to recover oiled wildlife in Gulf”, from Buffett News, actually, despite what I said.  I was confused by the blue backgrounds.  Buffett World titled their entry “Buffett Helping Boat Builder in Oil Spill Relief Effort”.
    11:25 - Stephen Colbert on Dawn detergent, from Tuesday, June 1
    11:50 - “Buffett and others honor Michael Douglas”, from Buffett News. | Buffett Performs at Event for Michael Douglas, from Buffett World
    12:48 - Catherine Zeta Jones is on Broadway in A Little Night Music, for which she won a Tony on June 13.  Which seems like a good time to mention Straight Guys Who Love Showtunes.com.
    13:06 - not exactly
    15:02 - when I sent out an e-mail about the contest, Scott responded that he was all over it.  When Mike wrote in to say he’d placed an entry, Scott wrote “Shoot !  There goes my chances!”
    15:49 - Margaritaville Cargo
    17:05 - “Backstage with Buffett in Houston”, from Buffett News | “What It’s Like Backstage with Buffett”, from Buffett World
    18:33 - Detroiter Truck Stop
    19:26 - “Margaritaville Foods Announces Additional Chicken Products”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Foods Introduces Frozen Chicken Chunks”, from Buffett World
    21:30 - Mexican Moonshine
    23:44 - “Hello Summer, Goodbye Fees”, from Live Nation
    25:20 - Palacenet.com has a great PDF map which shows every seat at Pine Knob
    31:27 - I also had a cold that week
    27:34 - a first hand Nashville account
    27:46 - Nashville flood, in pictures
    32:49 - I don’t know what’s worse, that a horrendous glitch somehow occurred at this spot or that it took two weeks for me to discover and correct it.  I encourage you download the fixed version; a quick way to recognize it is it’s 51:31 long while the original, damaged file was 51:29.
    39:00 - Jimmy’s second “Stay thirsty, my friend” is from the intro to “Cuban Crime of Passion”

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