Episode 12: Top Ten Breezy Lizards

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 9 2006, (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Big Al’s in Browstown MI. 
    “We tried using an agenda this week and ended up with our longest show yet. Bullet points include a look at the Week in Audio, our Top Ten favorite songs, reviews of Off to See the Lizard, and assorted walk-ons.

    One of my less inspired titles, but I was in a hurry to upload the show this morning and couldn’t come up with anything better.  Another sizable turnout with appearances from Mike, Mickey Schmoe, Scott, Greg, Kevin, Greg 2.0, and Meredith.
    I was requesting more structure to the shows (if only so we can up with some kind of formal closing rather than just letting the proceedings peter out like we usually do) so Schmoe typed up an agenda.  This might expain all the paper-shuffling.  Notice the different mic placement?  For the heck of it, since we clustered aroud the end of the table, I mic’d from side to side of the table rather than from end to end.  Schmoe’s “That was a big one.  That was a little one” makes me think of a Dr Seuss book.  The first “frog” (or Red Fish) is Kevin and the second frog (or Blue Fish) is Greg 2.0.  Scott alludes to an FSGL incident earlier in the day when Mike failed to yell “Fore!” and his golf ball hit 2.0’s foot.
    You can download the complete Miles Hampton interview here or here, depending on your allegiance.  The Steve Dahl interview is somewhat edited (I know I could’ve cut even more, but I liked what he had to say about License to Chill) and the performance of “Sweet Home Chicago” is heavily edited.  For the sake of time, I excised a line or two, a couple choruses, and the guitar and piano solos; but at least you get to hear all of Jimmy’s new lyrics.  The Mark Knopfler/Emmylou Harris album Jimmy mentions is presumably this one.  Learn more about Gomez here.  Keep track of Greg’s nicknames on the FSGL blog.  As you can tell, I misquoted the “Nothing But a Breeze” lyric…but, like I said, I only heard it the one time.
    Top Tens:

Mickey’s Top Ten:
      A Pirate Looks at 40
      One Particular Harbour
      African Friend
      Tin Cup Chalice
      Treat Her Like a Lady
      The Captain and the Kid
      The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
      Chansons Pour Les Petits Enfants
      Brahma Fear

Honorable Mention:
      Nautical Wheelers
      Havana Daydreamin’
      Baby’s Gone Shopping
      Twelve Volt Man
      It’s My Job
      Last Man Standing
      Pacing the Cage
      The Night I Painted the Sky
      Lone Palm
      Love in the Library
      West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
      Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Mike’s Top Ten:
      1.  A Pirate Looks at Forty
      2.  Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season
      3.  Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
      4.  Cowboy in the Jungle
      5.  Come Monday
      6.  The Wino and I Know
      7.  Defying Gravity
      8.  Livingston Saturday Night
      9.  Somewhere Over China
    10.  Island
Greg’s Top Ten
      Brown Eyed Girl
      Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw
      Cowboy in the Jungle
      Boat Drinks
      Take It Back
      Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season
      Last Mango in Paris
      Chansons Pour Les Petits Enfants
      One Particular Harbour
Joe’s Top Ten:
      Honey Do
      Meet Me in Memphis
      Sea of Heartbreak
      That was the Night I Painted the Sky
      African Friend
      Cowboy in the Jungle
      Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season
      In the Shelter

Honorable Mention:
      Son of a Son of a Sailor
      Why Don’t We Get Drunk
      Come Monday
      One Particular Harbour
      That’s What Living Is To Me
      Take Another Road
      Distantly in Love
      Nautical Wheelers
      A Pirate Looks at Forty
      Pascagoula Run
Scott’s Top Ten
      Banana Republics
      Happily Ever After (Now and Then)
      Semi-True Stories
      I Heard I Was in Town
      Far Side of the World
      Window on the World
      Cowboy in the Jungle
      School Boy Heart
      The Nighted I Painted the Sky

Honorable Mention:
      The Great Filling Station Holdup
      Death of an Unpopular Poet
      Ballad of Spider John
      Havana Daydreamin’
      African Friend
      Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants
      Growing Older But Not Up
      Little Miss Magic
      When the Wild Life Betrays Me
      Love in Decline
      If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me
      When The Coast is Clear

    I’m compelled to point out how Scott had issues regarding cover versions in our lists, yet includes “Banana Republics” (Steve Goodman) and “Window on the World” (John Hiatt).  Pwned, I say, sir.  Pwned!
    There’s a curious discrepancy on the Off to See the Lizard release date.  Some websites say June 19 1989 while others say June 26 1989.  Even more curious, both these dates are Mondays, whereas I thought albums are commonly released on Tuesdays.  I had to dig out my journal (way back to the old analog, typewriter days) to settle things.  Along the way I found out Jimmy was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson June 19 and Carson held up the LP and announced the new album was out “today”.  A check of all the local record stores the following morning turned up nothing.  (My journal also reminds me my job did not have “flexible hours” at this time.  I was in fact still freelancing that summer.)  My records eventually show I got the CD on Tuesday, June 27 1989, at the Tel-Goddard Harmony House:

    The new Buffett disc was first up in the new releases section [in the racks].  They didn’t have any on the wall or even in Buffett’s section.  [...]  It was marked down to $14.99 but the guy gave me an additional 25% off ’cause of their Summer Sale.  I paid $11.24 for it, plus 45 cents tax; total $11.69.
    [...] I was pleased to see Hud’s car in his driveway.  I hadn’t seen it when I’d left so I took the chance he wasn’t sleeping or anything and pulled up behind his car.  He opened the front door, saw me, put up one finger, closed the door, and, bless him, shuffled his dog Bo downstairs.  [Bo was huge and had bit me once.]  I went back to the car to get the disc and we looked it over in the driveway.  Joe’s sisters stopped by too.  Joe had just called Hud up, asking about the disc, and his sisters were now off to Fairlane Mall to pick it up for Joe.  I showed the disc to them too.  It started to sprinkle so Bill and I went indoors.  He put the disc on and couldn’t resist calling up Mike.  We ragged on Mike, letting him know we were listening to the album and listening to it first while he couldn’t get to it till after work.  I stood nearby, rubbing it in more by reading little tidbits from the CD booklet.  It was then I noticed Buffett mentioned Michigan.  We called around songs one and two.

    The occasional snippets of Off to See the Lizard are from Scott’s MacBook.  The CMT show whose title escaped me is Nashville Now; and it wasn’t CMT, it was TNN.  “ICE” is the “International CD Exchange” newsletter.  It wasn’t St Kitt’s, it was Nevis (scroll to bottom of page).  Isabella did not throw a shotglass at the ship’s clock, it was a champagne glass (Tales First Edition, page 152).  Evidently I didn’t hear Greg say Jay Oliver wrote “Mermaid in the Night” or else I could’ve told him it was Mac McAnally.  And apparently I’m a hypocrite because “I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever” has fake harmonica too.
    And even with a printed agenda, our show endings are just as awkward.

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Whose Top Ten Best Matches Yours?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 08/10 at 11:23 PM
  1. Regarding the Release Date for Lizard, what Mick has reasearched makes sense and I endorse it.  Now that we see June 27 was a Tuesday, I can remember getting it and listening to it during a birthday party for me (yes, I was an adult) and that was the day Mick and Hud one-upped Mike.  So, another confusing release date for a Buffett album.  What a surprise.

    I knew Mac wrote a song on the album.

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/11  at  07:48 AM
  2. I didn’t have this list at the podcast but I tried to go way back into the vault for some of these.

    The Great Filling Station Holdup makes me wish I was some place other than here. I really enjoy the countryness of the song even though I don’t do much country.  Shania and Garth is about it.

    Death of Unpopular Poet, Spider John, Havana Daydreamin, and African Friend are great stories songs from a master of the story song.  Chanson, already discussed on the podcast, great song.  Growing Older But Not Up: the song just fit as we try to relive our youth and our tired bodies can keep up.  You see I am scheduled for an MRI today.  I have a sore knee!!

    Little Miss Magic: this was a good song when I first heard it but after the birth of my daughter the song hit home.  I remember the week we brought her home and I was listening to this cd while lying on the couch with her and looking into her baby blue eyes and I think I felt a tear!  (Maybe I am gay??)

    When the Wild Life Betrays: me a great great story, see the gold wedding band wonder where ... GREAT stuff

    Love in Decline, When the Coast I Clear: I just like them!!

    If the Phone Doesn’t Ring: just one of the best buffet songs ever.  Should have been in my top ten and was overlooked!!

    Posted by Scott on 08/15  at  09:01 PM
  3. I hear that on Miss Magic.  A little sneak preview to this week’s homework (Cocotel).  Can’t wait to listen to that song now.

    Wow.  When the Wild Life Betrays Me.  I haven’t listened to that in so long I forgot about it.  Now I am humming it to myself.  I cannot stop.

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/17  at  01:21 PM
  4. First off Dudes…You hit it out of the park on this episode!!! I knew I liked you guys, but now I know why. You truly are my type of Jimmy Buffett Fans (lately I have a hard time using the word Parrot Head w/ true fans)

    I don’t agree with all your picks, but that’s cool. I agree with an awful lot of them. And I do agree with the time and effort you put into your picks. You guys are very astute. You understand Buffett. I can’t believe you download lyrics to enjoy the songs like I do. I can’t wait to listen to Buffett with your lists in hand and put my Top 10 together, then vote on who I agree with most.

    As far as this Podcast, You have hit your stride. Now were talking Buffett. I enjoyed all the preceding Podcast because I got to know you. Now I’m getting to know the Buffett side of you.

    Thanks for what you’re doing. I’m enjoying watching “Waistin’ Away On the North Coast” evolve. Keep up the good work.

    Jackson Quigley

    Posted by Jackson Quigley on 08/19  at  04:19 PM
  5. You guys are fun-I love each new podcast that comes out and can only say it keeps getting better!

    Can’t wait for the video cast of the official tailgate party from the September show!!

    Posted by Barbara Ackerman on 08/27  at  07:55 PM
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