Episode 130: Where the Party Boat Leaves From

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 16 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The boys talk about the recent Detroit River Parrothead Cruise, discuss the latest Buffett headlines, go through the Cincinnati and Houston shows, and look forward to the upcoming Pine Knob concert (less than a week!).  (Special guest: Jennifer.  Cameo by Scott.)

    00:04 - we spent a lot of time talking about TV shows—including Firefly, which I’d finally talked Mike into getting on Blu-ray
    01:49 - Pier 500 in Wyandotte | Diamond Jack’s River Tours | Jim Auquier on Facebook
    05:49 - all the Buffett and Buffett-related songs are in our cruise video, with the exception of “Brown Eyed Girl” (since it really was more like Van Morrison’s arrangement) and “Come Monday” (since I was running out of videotape).  I managed to get audio of the final song, “Lovely Cruise”, on my cellphone, but it was so over-modulated I only used a snippet in the video.
    06:51 - Chelsea‘s and Willow Tree
    07:08 - the cruise pictures in our Photo Gallery
    08:28 - Pier 500’s tickets provided by Central Distributors
    09:46 - Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From”
    10:19 - Sunday, July 4 1993.  I took someone’s advice and, day of the concert, waited to get tickets at Pine Knob’s will call window.
    14:17 - Silly Bandz—they’re spelled with a Z!  How silly!
    15:24 - a girl was handing out Landshark leis and lanyards after the cruise
    17:26 - Jimmy visits the Lawrenceville School, from Buffett World
    17:58 - the Hot in Cleveland premiere had aired on TV Land while we were recording and I’d had trouble remembering Jane Leeves’s character’s name on Frasier
    18:01 - Jimmy sells his Palm Beach estate: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    Between our recording and the publication of the episode, it was revealed the buyer is Jimmy’s next-door neighbor Jon Stryker, from Buffett News
    18:38 - Jimmy tours Florida beach with Gov Charlie Crist: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention | AP article
    19:53 - “Buffett Visits USM’s Gulf Coast Research Lab”, from Buffett World
    20:20 - Fruitcakes on the Radio winner Dave McCormick, from Radio M’ville’s Facebook page
    21:13 - “Margaritaville Casino in Atlantic City Back on Track”, from Buffett World
    21:29 - Briggs & Stratton generator story: before and after, from Buffett World
    21:56 - Boston Globe interview: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    22:37 - a reference to Episode 56
    22:43 - Buffett News’s WZLX story.  Interview recorded Friday, June 11, and complete MP3 available here.
    25:24 - Jimmy attends NBA Finals game: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    25:36 - Garden & Gun‘s Buffett biodiesel story: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    26:24 - sorry, Mansfield, I got the date wrong.  The Saturday show is of course on June 19.
    27:26 - Margaritaville Footwear (and link for Famous Footwear).  Update: a day after posting these notes, Mike texted us to announce his shoes had arrived, well in time for Tuesday’s concert.
    42:38 - here’s a behind-the-scenes secret: the sped-up female rant is really a YouTube video of Dixie Carter in Designing Women
    47:00 - just because of that comment, I bought WAOTNC.com
    47:04 - yes, Scott was there, but he left before we started recording.  (That’s the Tigers playing the Washington Nationals in the background.  The Tigers won, 8-3.)

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