Episode 132B: My Documents

Show Notes:
    “Mickey’s not giving up yet.  He’s got two more concert roundups, to round out the third leg of the tour, plus last week’s Fruitcake on the Radio, and Munchcast’s discussion of margaritas and ‘Margaritaville’.

    05:39 - not only was it cool to hear Jimmy “Mackinac Island” – my favorite island – but he pronounced it correctly too!
    05:44 - “Kalama-zoo-zoo-zoo” is, I suppose, a reference to Glenn Miller’s recording of “I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”
    08:15 - the Jimmy/Bret Michaels duet was released as an iTunes single on July 13.
    09:43 - Jimmy and Mike have gotten a LOT of mileage out of this material over the years
    14:05 - left in because Jimmy got the album wrong
    16:41 - Episode 130
    16:55 - Fruitcake on the Radio Steve Ross from Bloomfield Hills MI
    17:58 - Munchcast #85, with Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone. Visit the website, listen to the episode, or watch the episode.
    29:20 - and you thought we rambled and were unprepared!

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