Episode 135B: The Other Half

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 1 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Listener Ed’s 2010 Alpine Valley review plus a concert roundup from Bristow VA.  (Cameo by Jennifer.)

    Feel free to read along with us:

Listener Ed’s 2010 Alpine Valley Review

And clips from the concert are part of our concert roundup in Episode 132B.
    01:20 - for more on “shadows tall”, consult Episode 98
    02:20 - Listener Ed’s blog
    03:33 - here’s Listener Ed’s proof:

“Just wanted to show that the cell network could not process calls even though I had 5 bars.”

    04:12 - I had the same thing happen at our Pine Knob show.  As the intermission started, I tried sending one of my photos to TwitPic.  A song and a half into the second set I finally gave up.
    09:14 - our own concert roundup is part of Episode 132B as well
    19:55 - here’s the photo I refer to
    22:40 - “stopped mentioning”.  I meant to say “stopped mentioning”.  The exact opposite.  What a dumbass.
    22:50 - this was brought up in Episode 131.  The mistake has been corrected, but here’s our screen-grab of it.
    23:20 - “Margaritaville (Live) - Single” by Bret Michaels & Jimmy Buffett [iTunes link]
    35:50 - the change in audio is because I moved the mics for the joke.  The “We’re back” was in case the joke immediately followed the concert roundup.

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