Episode 136: Mustard & Ketchup

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 22 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It’s our last podcast of the Summer.  And it might sound like a rerun since we talk about album covers again, but it’s not.  Really.  And anyway there are two concert roundups too (Camden and Pittsburgh).  (Guest appearance by Joe Maj.  Cameos by Jennifer.)

    02:23 - the You Get What You Give Deluxe Editions from iTunes, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and the official site
    04:17 - “Jimmy Buffett visits campus”, from The Student Printz
    04:42 - “Trump Marina Hotel deal in Atlantic City off again”, from Buffet News | “Margaritaville Casino in Atlantic City now ‘Out of the Picture’”, from Buffett World
    06:01 - Robert Greenidge’s A Coral Reefer Christmas, to be released on October 26 and available for pre-order
    06:10 - see 7:18
    07:18 - concert montage from Tuesday, August 10; the second show of the fourth leg of the tour, and the second of two shows from Camden NJ
    19:46 - hear that, Mike?  I bet Jimmy played that final chord just for you.
    21:22 - I meant to repeat how I’m always giving License to Chill short shrift by always forgetting about it –- and, ironically, it slipped my mind!
    23:20 - yes, I admit it, despite Schmoe’s admonition to ignore songs performed live, we still based our selections on concert setlists
    24:52 - reviewed in Episode 104
    27:15 - already covered in Episode 10
    28:23 - Margaritaville Orlando has a cool t-shirt based on the Changes cover: Buy it here | View it here
    31:51 - all this was previously discussed in Episode 10, including my photo of the original Feeding Frenzy packaging
    33:33 - it appears the Songs You Know By Heart MasterDisc is out of print, so here’s the album cover just to prove my point (and to show all you youngsters what you’ve been missing):

Hey, MCA! THIS should be the cover!

    38:45 - concert montage from Thursday, August 12, at Pittsburgh, the second to last show of the fourth leg of the 2010 tour
    45:13 - transmission problems caused us to miss a song, to lose the beginning of “Volcano”, and for the rest of the concert to be broadcast in mono
    50:21 - the “hillbilly shit” comment actually followed “Gypsies in the Palace”

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