Episode 140: We Go to ’11

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 12 2011 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “For the first show of 2011, we look at the top stories of 2010 and the concert roundup is from Portland. (Special guest: Michele. Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:21 - unfortunately I cannot find this cell phone commercial anywhere online (and can’t even remember what company it was for).
    02:28 - since the purpose of these entries is to share behind-the-scenes information, I might as well go ahead and admit her name is ████.
    06:33 - I’ve completely forgotten the story behind this, but Scott was referred to as “cherubic” by someone some time before recording, to Schmoe’s great delight
    09:28 - I guess you could say I tangentially got something Buffetty for Christmas.  I bought myself the John Lennon Signature Box, which includes Robert Greenidge playing on “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”. (A connection I had planned to make during our John Lennon episode but, once again, forgot to do.)
    09:36 - for Christmas, Mike bought all the podcast guys a bottle of M’ville spiced rum
    11:43 - Scott’s sound file got accidentally deleted; and this potion was all I was able to restore off the SD card, using some newly bought recovery software.
    13:36 - at the time, I was assuming our opening blather would not make the show
    13:40 - Ticket Web
    14:38 - “Land Shark Bar & Grille to open May 2011 in Myrtle Beach” from Buffett News | “Land Shark Bar & Grill Coming to Myrtle Beach” from Buffett World
    15:30 - Jimmy on the Today show
    16:29 - “Hollywood Beach Margaritaville Resort gets approval”, from Buffett News
    16:56 - “Margaritaville Eyewear Available Now, from Buffett World
    18:20 - “Sail On, Jay Spell”, from Buffett News
    19:06 - Tour Dates, at M’ville.com
    19:46 - Welcome to Fin Land artwork
    20:46 - Monty Python’s remastered Contractual Obligation Album and Spamalot CDs, from Amazon
    22:04 - no surprise, there is a 1-800-ASK-GARY website, but that still wouldn’t stop me from teasing Schmoe
    24:20 - Jimmy is referring to a pre-show interview, not a concert itself
    27:03 - a couple highlights that didn’t make the montage are the return of “Rhumba Man” and a beautiful medley of “Cowboy in the Jungle” and “Banana Republics”
    33:04 - DOM Coon let us know “Margaritaville Casino may be coming to Biloxi after all” and “New Margaritaville Casino plans are moving forward
    34:16 - “Buffett Ukulele Songbook Released”, from Buffett News
    35:12 - Buffett World’s “Year in Review” for 2010
    36:45 - the 30 Rock sound clip is at the end of Episode 120
    38:06 - Jimmy’s South Park clip was included in Episode 126 (with screen-grabs in the blog)
    38:51 - audio from the Late Show Top 10 was included at the end of Episode 128. Plus there was this reference included in the blog
    41:05 - as evidence, the concert roundup in Episode 137
    41:21 - Nothing But Monkeys
    41:58 - from the TNT series’ tenth episode, the season finale, “I Want To Be Free”
    47:41 - download our theme song from iTunes (US) and Amazon.com
    52:24 - music is “In My Canoe”, performed by The Beau Hunks [iTunes (US) link]

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