Episode 146: We Need a Cantina

Show Notes:
Recorded Tuesday, April 19 2011 (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Casa de Scott, Allen Park MI
    “Mid-April marks the start of the 2011 tour, and how did we celebrate?  By throwing a listening party for the new Roger Clyne CD!  But don’t worry, we still talk about the Tampa concert and the exciting new changes to the setlist. (Special guests: Todd and Ron.)

    The show description originally began with “April 19 marked the start of the 2011 tour”.  This is inaccurate; the tour began in Tampa on Saturday, April 16.  April 19 was the release date of Unida Cantina as well as the date of the tour’s second stop, at Raleigh.  What can I say, I wrote it after a long day of editing.
    Get Unida Cantina from Roger (CD or vinyl), at Amazon (CD, MP3, or vinyl), or from iTunes.
    Learn more about Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.

    01:56 - a much better photo than I remember, from @peacemakerjd on Twitter
    02:14 - fan photo from RCPM’s sombrerofied Salt River Fields concert, April 16 2011
    04:35 - RCPM’s Watering Hole discussion board
    06:20 - radio interview from The Blaze, ASU’s Alternative Radio 1330 AM, March 24 2011
    20:01 - a time cut
    23:29 - Eddie Money’s “I Think I’m in Love”
    29:17 - sound effect provided by Scott’s djay app
    30:14 - Chad Heckler’s Heckler Custom Guitars
    33:13 - I was merely nodding toward Scott’s speakers; I didn’t expect the gesture would provoke such a reaction.  And his speakers are quite good; he was just playing everything too loud for the room.
    50:38 - told you the speakers were loud
    53:41 - O.A.R.‘s official site | O.A.R. on Wikipedia
    1:01:34 - Scott is trying to play “Green & Dumb” out of his music library but keeps finding live versions
    1:24:23 - as you can hear in the concert montage in Episode 144, they did perform “Boomerang Love” in Australia (but this was the same show where Jimmy had his accident, so I guess you can excuse his confusion)
    1:26:37 - a time cut
    1:27:41 - Jimmy changed this for the following concert, repeating that line twice just like he wanted
    1:29:53 - the full song, we mean, since some of it had been performed last year during “Where the Boat Leaves From”
    1:31:29 - especially since it sounded like a newer arrangement of “Son of a Sailor”, which I wouldn’t expect needs another arrangement
    1:35:26 - more from The Blaze radio interview

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