Episode 14: Tales from Late Last Night

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 23 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Browstown MI
    “Mike, Schmoe, Greg, and Mickey discuss the new single, the Hoot bonus DVD, yet more from Caseville, and reviews of Coconut Telegraph. With Dan and Laury as the noisy and mutinous studio audience.

    I freely admit it: we talk too damn much.
    I fully expected this to be one of our shorter shows.  We had little to talk about—not much in the news and just an album review to discuss—yet we ended up with one of our longer shows.  Heaven help you if we ever decide to review Boats Beaches Bars & Ballads.
    Dan, mentioned in last week’s episode, showed up in a cameo; and Laury, who first appeared on Episode 11, also stuck around.  Together, they threatened to conduct their own simultaneous podcast, as can be heard in the audio file’s left channel.  And who can forget the horseshoe game in the right channel.
    Latest news on “Bama Breeze” is that the promo CD single is being sent out to radio stations and that the album whence it comes is changing titles every day.  (By the way, I knew there had to be a reason I had trouble saying “Bama Breeze” last week, and I think it stems from getting it confused with the Bahama Breeze restaurant in Livonia.)  According to Buffett News, the song was written by Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear, and Mark Irwin.  And in a Buffett World message board thread, you can download Josh Kear’s demo of the song as well as view the cover for Jimmy’s CD single.
    Link for Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (not to be confused with the Songwriters Hall of Fame).
    It’s great to get more live Buffett on DVD, but I found watching the From the Big Apple to the Big Easy video very frustrating.  Not only does the director keep returning to the same six audience members, he has a knack for singling out the performer next to whomever is soloing.  (I was also disappointed the video is not 16x9.)
    Walmart hardly needs us to advertise for them, but here’s the link to their Hoot exclusive.  Mike’s quote about forgetting batteries was a direct shot at me, in reference to our recording of Episode 12 (though technically, I had batteries.  I simply wanted to go home for fresh batteries).  Another inside joke refers to when Mike and Joe were in deep discussion at some very noisy bar.  (I was not there so hopefully they can fill in the details.)  Mike brought up the subject of Pistons tickets and Joe, obviously mishearing him, looked suddenly shocked and offended if not a little hurt, and asked “Did you just call me a dick?”  Mike has since made sure this will be a long-running running gag.
    Re: Caseville.  Greg gave me a CDR of his photos, so I should be uploading them soon—barring all the ones where I look too fat.
    Sing along to our newly minted Album of the Week theme song.
    Want to see the album package we’re talking about?
    I swear Deborah McColl had a website, back when her first solo album came out in 2000; but at least here’s a link to the album.  [Could I have confused it with Claudia Cummings’s website?]  Update: Deborah McColl’s website is located at — where else? — Deborah McColl.com.
    “Stars Fell on Alabama”, music by Frank Perkins and lyrics by Marshall Parish, was written in 1934.   The title has been on the Alabama license plate since 2002.   Perkins also wrote the music for the 1964 Don Knotts movie The Incredible Mr Limpet.
    We thought it funny that the big dance club in Caseville was named Herschel’s…but it turns out all our jokes were based on a misreading of the sign!  Then again, even they get their name wrong (take a close look at the URL).
    The selection again did not make the final cut, but our next album review will be for Somewhere Over China.

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  1. As promised, let me add my notes pretty much as they were hand-written while enjoying a couple tequila sours, listening to this classic album’s vinyl version from my turntable.

    My mythos?  I love Deb McColl’s voice all over this album.  This was my favorite complete album in the first “batch” of Buffett albums I legally bought (White Sport Coat thru China) back in 1982.  Notes and dedications from JB – like that.  This was new to me at that age.  I liked each song the very first time I heard it.  Can’t always say that.  And I have never got sick of them.

    Cocotel – A story song about stories.  Used a premise like this to get the whole perspective of tropical life across.

    Incommunicado – Wha?  John Wayne I was thinking:  “Who is this guy Jimmy Buffett?”  Where does he get off writing like this?  So good.

    Job – I believe this is our intro to Mac writing.  A story song.  The album shows off it’s first sounds of Fingers.  Aaaahhh.

    Growing – takes on a new meaning now, huh?  Steel Drums!  So many good lines in this song.  Pete Rose…“not a sad song/just events that I have happened to witness”

    Good Fight – JD – what a great job of harmonizing.  nto ground breaking, but do you hear this stuf anymore?

    Weather – Loved the lines at the beginning.  Steel drums!  Time FOR to play.  Escape theme resonates much more now that I am old.

    Stars – Norbert on upright bass.  From my Honey Do conference.  Accordion too.  I cannot believe I was liking this song and I was in high school.

    Island – close to my top ten ever.  Dave Loggins writing and singing!

    Magic – “Meanders”  JB and Fingers only.  And it sounds as if Jimmy is kind of making the song up as he goes.  Love that.

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/30  at  01:39 PM
  2. I truly do not understand how, but this entry is screwing up the right-hand column again in IE.  THIS entry—this all-text entry—is apparently too much for IE’s delicate formatting.

    ...You know what the problem was.  The word “Incredible”.

    I’m begging you, people!  Stop using IE and switch to Firefox or any useable browser!

    Posted by Mickey on 09/08  at  06:06 PM
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