Episode 152: Kings of Somewhere Hot

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 27 2011 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “You knew we couldn’t stop at just one.  Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe continue recapping the 2011 Pine Knob show.  (Cameos by Nathan and Tori.)

    00:40 - despite making fun of it I ended up joining Foursquare half a month later
    01:16 - she’s referring to the Edirol R-09.  Now we use the Zoom H2.
    02:39 - Nate Dogg died March 15 2011
    04:52 - as with the last episode, here’s Mike’s car thermometer (on Instagram)
    07:10 - the footage I shot isn’t great, and I was planning on just using freeze-frames from it—but, what the heck, here’s a quickly edited tailgate video for you.  It pretty much covers what we talk about: our arrival, the electric fan, the generator, the unremitting sun, the truck with the pool, the big empty space in front of the M’ville booths, the cheeseburger cookies, the hot tequila, the lighted fan, even Mike doing the shark jaws.  Everything but the breast-glitter guy.  (Sorry.)


    08:19 - hey, why not—here’s something else from the archives…

Greg & Cathy.  August 9 1997.

(Other 1997 photos are in our Photo Gallery.)
    20:13 - photos of Schmoe with Len & Shelly—and the rest of our photos from the 2011 concert—are also in our Gallery
    37:49 - a Nathan Fillion quote, from the Firefly gag reel
    43:40 - we’ll get to that concert roundup in Episode 156, along with the full concert roundup for Pine Knob.
    47:48 - “Red Wiggler, the Cadillac of Worms”® is a sponsor mentioned in WKRP in Cincinnati.  (I made it harder on myself by calling them “Red Wriggler”.)
    48:16 - “Shark jaws” is the seldom-performed third step in the Fins Dance.  We discussed this back in Episode 63.
    55:27 - on May 30 2001, the Elevation Tour, at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  The U2.com website then made it worse by referring to us as “Detroit, IN”.
    57:40 - both these concert roundups were (are) part of the previous episode

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