Episode 156: How Do Shrimp Do It?

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 7 2011 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Discussions of Margaritaville Online and Jimmy’s appearance on Hawaii Five-0 and recaps of the Pine Knob and Chicago shows. (Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:08 - a paraphrase of Sam Malone’s line from the Cheers episode “Adventures in Housesitting”, season 7 episode 11.
    01:34 - and now I’m stealing material from Stan Laurel in Men o’War (1929)
    06:28 - and now The Jerk
    06:57 - and, of course, Mike references Airplane!
    10:32 - Charley’s Crab, in Troy MI, closed in September 2010
    13:39 - you can see the pirate ship in our 2011 tailgate video
    17:12 - Margaritaville Online, on Facebook
    21:25 - I swear we discussed A Salty Piece of Land but maybe I"m remembering an offline conversation
    29:46 - Margaritaville Online Neighbors, on Facebook
    31:15 - Unity
    43:03 - I let these songs play longer than usual since it was so novel to hear just the backing band with no vocals.  Treat like a live karaoke version.  (The performances have nevertheless been shortened, here, for time reasons.)
    48:26 - “Buffett family donates boat to USM Lab”, from Buffett News | “Buffett Donates Boat to USM”, from Buffett World
    49:06 - Hawaii Five-0, at CBS.com
    53:36 - Yosaffbridge, at IMDb.com
    55:35 - I meant “marionette”
    56:08 - and now I’m quoting “Blink” from Doctor Who
    56:25 - Mike is reacting to something on the TV
    57:07 - Darin McCarty, on Facebook.  American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit.

    57:54 - Mike’s Christmas Wish List:
                  1) the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker
                  2) the Chillin’ Pour Liquor Chiller

    58:34 - actually that Google button says “I’m Feeling Lucky”
    60:25 - Margaritaville Lifestyle
    61:49 - Margaritaville Eyewear.  And here’s Mike’s review of his pair of M’ville “Havana” sunglasses. 

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