Episode 158: All I Need’s a Hut

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 11 2011 (10:00 PM - 12:30 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Mike is amazed by a four-year-old book, Schmoe remembers to bring a joke, and we look back at the Noblesville and Bristow concerts.  (Special guests: Patti and Michele.  Cameo by Jennifer.)

    Return of the three-week turnaround!
    01:13 - Mike has evidently forgotten we discussed The Jimmy Buffett Concert Handbook: The Unauthorized Guide back in Episode 55
    03:54 - sorry, the contest is closed now.  Schmoe has yet to be contacted about winning, which he finds frustrating.
    07:14 - the January 28 show in Miami (the concert roundup of which is in Episode 161)
    07:29 - because of the predictions regarding the Mayan calendar, for those of you who’ve forgotten
    09:07 - we’re referring to the events depicted here ... yet again
    11:12 - the bullet points from Schmoe’s January 31 email:

• M’ville Online Discussion.
• Gospel from the Coast
• A couple Concert Roundups
• A joke!  In have one I think!
• Michele’s Poetry (a new segment)
• Ummmm, what else?  We need homework.
• How about Super Bowl discussions?  What kind of Buffetty Food and Buffetty Drink shall we make for Mike’s dog Bo to eat on Sunday?

    11:21 - “Margaritaville Online Officially Launched”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Online Game Launches Today!”, from Buffett World
    14:34 - she didn’t
    14:51 - it’s twenty-eight miles between Zodiac and Mike’s house
    15:25 - or you can watch the video on YouTube
    16:12 - “IA Tribute to Ralph MacDonald”, from Buffett News | “Watch Jimmy Sing at Ralph MacDonald Tribute”, from Buffett World
    17:12 - “Impromptu Show / Rehearsal for upcoming tour dates”, from Buffett News | “Buffett and Coral Reefers Warm Up for Tour”, from Buffett World
    18:06 - Hoagy Carmichael, from Wikipedia
    29:44 - from “Idiots Are People Two!”, episode 2 of season 6, which aired January 19.  Mike is reading from the email he sent us.  Part two, “Idiots Are People Three!”, aired January 26.
    44:22 - Little Drunken Schmoe on YouTube
    45:36 - Jennifer is inquiring about the Bashara case, where Bob Bashara allegedly hired handyman Joseph Gentz to kill wife Jane Bashara

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