Episode 159: Elements in the Wallpaper

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 7 2012 (10:00 PM - 12:30 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Headlines, Clyne talk, a podquest, and at long last we say goodbye to 2011 with four, count ’em, four concert montages.  (Special guests: Joe Maj and Annie.  Cameo by Jennifer.)

    Not sure what happened with the audio levels.  Nothing was changed since the last recording, yet the entire recording is over-modulated.  Thankfully there are only a few brief instances where it might be considered a problem.
    00:26 - a close-up of Schmoe’s basement wallpaper (shot on May 28)

Mad Schmoes, Sundays on AMC

    00:39 - “Cocktail Wienies” was in the running for episode title
    07:54 - just a reminder, these are clips from Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, and Vegas again.
    09:53 - me too!
    45:35 - the album under discussion is Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball. The “Scott” Joe Maj mentions is someone other than Podcaster Scott.
    48:47 - “Buffett recommended for license by Nevada gaming regulators”, from Buffett News | “Buffett Answers Questions at Nevada Gaming License Hearing”, from Buffett World
    49:00 - “Buffett appears at groundbreaking for Margaritaville Casino”, from Buffett News | “Video from Margaritaville Groundbreaking in Louisiana”, from Buffett World
    49:55 - not much suspense in regards to our first podquest.  The answer was already posted below.
    50:14 - Matt Hoggatt
    50:28 - during our many tangents, Joe Maj repeated the Gone with the Wind quote “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”  And I felt compelled to point that this is differs from what was originally written in the book.  (“My dear, I don’t give a damn.”)
    50:43 - that concert roundup doesn’t appear till Episode 161.
    50:57 - “Margaritaville Mobile Companion App for iPhone”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Mobile Brings the Buffett Experience to the iPhone”, from Buffett World
    53:19 - the complete opening monologue is viewable on YouTube
    56:19 - “Top 11 Music Tumble and Falls of 11” at Antimusic.com
    57:29 - “Concussion Led to Stage Dive” at Contact Music.com.
    58:30 - “Discover Jimmy Buffett’s lost musical treasures” at Jacksonville.com.
    62:22 - actually we won’t get to it till Episode 161
    65:10 - Season 37, episode 14.  Aired February 11.

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