Episode 15: If We Could Just Get It On SD Flash

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 30 2006, (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Browstown MI
    “Greg, Schmoe, Scott, Mickey, and Mike talk Somewhere Over China. With cameo appearances by Meredith, Joe, Laury, and Kevin.

Fig 1.1: Kermit Laugh.
Keeping mouth open, bob head vigorously up and down while turning head from side to side.

    It was the last night of the Fore Skins Golf League for 2006.  The boys feasted on steak sandwiches, Amber Bock, and several shots.  The podcast began later than usual, but at least things were lively and people were in a festive mood.  Some incriminating photos were taken as well, but we’ll get to that later…
    First, let’s discuss this week’s show.  It’s pretty funny how many name changes the new album has gone through.  I think it went through three in two days.  After all is said and done, this might end up being the cover.  (Of the four titles I’ve heard the one I don’t like is Paddlin’ Out ... but maybe that’s because it reminds me of visits to the school principal.)
    I guess this is the tattoo Scott mentions.
    And this is the map photo Greg mentions (on the left).
    Here’s a xylophone resource for Schmoe, and even a marimba to play; though personally I prefer this one.
    Schmoe’s uncanny knack at the Kermit Laugh™ came as a complete surprise.  It was definitely a “You Had To Be There” moment; and though it won’t translate at all via audio, maybe the included diagram might help explain.
    Many music fans will recognize “Mach schau!” as a reference to the Beatles’ days in Hamburg.  I was grossly in error when I said the Cavern Club, but it was the first night spot that came to mind.  What I meant was the Kaiserkeller, where Bruno Koschmeider would yell that phrase to keep his bands playing.
    The Who’s “Guitar and Pen” is from 1978’s Who are You.
    Frank Loesser’s “On a Slow Boat to China” was written in 1945.  This page tells the story of the song and the phrase.

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  1. My laugh “drawing” looked too much like something from Easter island, so I upgraded it last night.

    Posted by Mickey on 09/10  at  08:42 PM
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