Episode 166: All Night Long

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 22 2012 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “More stories from Comerica Park, an in-depth discussion of the Detroit setlist, and this year’s (brief) tailgate podcast. (Cameo by Annie [and Sarah].)

    03:51 - track one on Pat Benatar’s Seven the Hard Way
    04:12 - Mike’s off-key “Fire away” is deliberate.  He’s making fun of an old and tone-deaf college room mate.
    06:30 - again, my concert and tailgate photos are at Flickr
    10:00 - and again, the concert and tailgate video was posted earlier
    20:33 - it’s not from our concert, but here’s “CILCIA” video roll from Cincinnati
    20:48 - I guess I bored Annie enough that she put her head down and took a nap
    23:15 - check for yourself
    26:22 - not sure why I never noticed that before since this was not the first time they’d done it
    29:54 - Little Caesar’s (a non-paid non-commercial non-endorsement)
    32:49 - my videos of both performances were posted below: Lionel’s and Jimmy’s.  An official video from that night is also available at iTunes.
    36:15 - oh me of little faith.  The Tigers did get into the World Series this year …and got shutout in four games
    36:57 - he did it three shows later, in Atlantic City (August 4 2012)
    43:50 - as seen on the Margarillas Facebook page:

Me want!

    44:18 - Cheli’s Chili, Detroit
    48:46 - using the Stream to Me app, which has been obsoleted now that iCloud is available (so they say)
    54:18 - no, why would Schmoe have seen it.  It was only posted on his own website two weeks ago!

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