Episode 175: Looking for the On-Ramp

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 22 2013 (10:00 - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Gibraltar MI
    “Mike is back from Florida, Mickey has highlights from the first leg of the new tour.

    00:57 - “Where was this?”  The confusion is between, from right to left, Wood St, the I-75 north on-ramp, and the I-75 north off-ramp

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    00:59 - “Did they just hit a home run?” The Tigers were playing the Nationals. Detroit won 4-3.
    04:10 - pretty Schmoe says “She just paused the juicebox” here
    04:33 - the disturbance went on a lot longer than this.  I saved you having to sit through it…and my humming
    06:34 - Madeira Beach | Johns Pass
    07:52 - Ricky T’s
    08:18 - Kirk Adams
    08:25 - Bus Fulla Monkeys
    08:32 - Mike’s brother, Jimmy Auquier
    09:00 - Conch Republic
    11:15 - what Mike sent…

Captain Jack, the music fan

    11:47 - Wild Time Caribbean
    12:28Tim McGraw performed at Pine Knob on Saturday, May 19.  (Link to Pitbull.)
    15:04 - the episode, “Olelo Pa’a (The Prmise)”, was broadcast April 15, and was the twentieth episode of the season three
    Here’s the April 16 email Schmoe mentions—but I think Mike’s confusion is because we did discuss the show together, but not on a recording night.  “You dudes remember to watch Hawaii Five-0 last night?  JB was back as Frank Bama.  Steve McGarrett and his attractive female accomplice meet up with Frank at a remote bar in S Korea just as our hero is slamming a shot of snake blood and rice wine.  Right after we see [its] preparation.  Yum.
    “This time the caper involves leading Steve and company to the border crossing between N and S Korea.  Unfortunately, Frank’s aircraft is nothing but wreckage now. Seems it was brought down by ‘honey buzzards’ (whatever those are).  So Frank drives them to the spot by jeep.  Jimmy looked old and crusty, certainly by design, and showed some decent acting chops.  Good stuff.”
    17:29 - Joe Dante, on IMDb
    19:26 - Breaking news: Jimmy announced on Radio M’ville, taking time from rehearsals for his Boston Strong concert appearance (Thursday, May 30), that the new album is coming out on August 16!
    21:14 - “Morris’s Nightmare” is edited for time.  Jimmy’s guitar is shrinking because he switched to a uke.  I’m still trying to make out Jimmy’s scat singing; some of it sounds obscene.  And I’m also wondering what the hell “in your heart and out your ears” means.
    25:10 - “Buffett to perform at Boston One Fund Benefit on May 30th”, from Buffett News | “Buffett to Perform at Boston Benefit”, from Buffett World
    25:19 - One Fund Boston
    25:39 - “Radio Margaritaville to broadcast Boston Strong benefit concert!”, from Buffett News | “Radio Margaritaville to Stream Boston Strong Concert Live”, from Buffett World
    25:55 - “Alpine Vally Show Confirmed for August 24th”, from Buffett News | “Alpine Valley Show is Confirmed for August”, from Buffett World
    26:44 - 93.7 KLBJ: The Rock of Austin
    27:57 - a time cut to a Volcano reference; then a time cut to a “Five:o’Clock Somewhere” intro
    33:12 - read Jimmy’s favorite story at the Twain Library
    35:05 - Hem Jeans, in Austin. (I could’ve sworn they were saying “Him”.)
    41:00 - and thank you for confirming how to say You Had to Be There.  Too bad Schmoe doesn’t listen to the podcast. 
    41:38 - Jimmy and Savannah on YouTube
    43:13 - from the intro to “Knee Deep”, during the Frisco show

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