Episode 18: Podcast to Send You

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 20 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey are at Zodiac, taking up Listener Ed’s suggestion to review A1A.”

    We got a late start, since some birthday party commandeered our room.  The recording session began with me selling my video iPod to Schmoe (paving the way for me to order one of the new 80GB iPods).
    Here’s Billboard’s track listHere’s Mailboat Records’.
    Our friends at COB,O.
    An unofficial Solid Gold fan site.
    Who is Alex Harvey?
    Buffett News says Jimmy performed “Dallas” in Austin at least.  (And, to answer my own question, the last time Jimmy was in California, at the Irvine show on April 22, he sang: “California hasn’t worn me too thin / It’s so nice to be in Irvine again.”)
    Yes, the John Sebastian who wrote “Stories We Could Tell” did write the theme song for Welcome Back Kotter. [iTunes link]
    Steve Eng’s biography, The Man from Margaritaville Revealed, might not be the best authority, but at least it was handy as I write this.  According to page 159, “Life is Just a Tire Swing” is more autobiographical than I thought.  “‘Are you ready for this amazing story?’ [Jimmy] asked a call-in listener during a 1989 interview on station WLUP-FM in Chicago.  He told how, on his way to a college concert in western Illinois with Steve Goodman, he passed a tire swing—and began working on the song.  Then, on their way to Peoria, he did fall asleep…and woke up in the field next to the tire swing!”  (No word on what kind of crash was the antecedent for his waking up, though.)  The book also suggests Buffett arrived in Key West in November 1971, before writing and recording Pink Crustacean; and it was during his stay in Montana, while he worked on the Rancho Deluxe movie, that he had so much time to craft the A1A songs.  By the way, here’s an example of Grant Wood faces.
    The “Pencil Thin Mustache” / “Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit” Ruling came up after the Detroit concert last week.  It was decided upon before we started recording, but we agreed Jimmy can do one of those songs during a show, but not both.
    Everyone probably has their own misheard or misinterpreted lyric; my biggest gaffe comes from “Migration”.  I heard Jimmy singing “And mobile homes, those Mother McKees—I hate those bastards so much.”  I have no idea where I got ‘Mother McKee’; I just assumed it was Southern slang for a mobile home.  And it wasn’t till years later, either paging through the songbooks or checking the lyric sites, that I finally got corrected.
    A few years ago, David Lee Roth sang an acoustic “Tin Cup Chalice” on WRIF-FM Detroit.  If interested, you can download my MP3 copy of this performance.
    Detroit country DJ Deano Day has his own website (i.e., page).
    And a different Deano provides our coda.
    See you next week for our pre-new-album show.  Plans are to discuss what we know about the album and, time permitting, possibly review License to Chill.
    P.S.: I almost forgot.  Here’s a funny thing I discovered in the iTunes Store.  If you click on Jimmy’s bio [iTunes link], you get a list of his Influences, including James Taylor.  And here’s a screen grab of Taylor’s bio

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