Episode 19: Playing Us Losers Again

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 27 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe review License to Chill, look back at the last concert, and look forward to the new album.

    I know the title is presumptuous, but it was the best I could do this late at night.  (Not that we’re losers—that you will play us [and then do so again].)
    This week’s episode kicks off with an immediate defection: Don, our resident Michael Bolton fan.
    I don’t remember when Emeril came to Michigan, but I guess it was some time in the late 90s.
    The only “occupational hazard” I found in 21 Jump Street is a chapter name of “The Narc” episode in the Season 3 DVD box set.  And The Doctor, a 1991 film starring William Hurt, was mentioned as “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw” plays a part in the story.
    My apologies for the audio dropouts during the JB interview.  It was recorded off the Sirius downstream feed.
    Jimmy’s new album features several covers.  We sought those out on iTunes and were planning to base the episode on our impressions of these songs—our attempt at a scoop.  But this also meant we’d be reviewing the same songs twice, once the new album is released.  It was Joe’s idea to review the most recent album instead, License to Chill.  Although I like the songs, I have a hard time remembering that this is in the discography.  I guess it’s because of all the guest stars; it feels more like a “various artists compilation” or tribute album more than a “Buffett album”.  License to Chill was released July 13 2004, the nineteenth anniversary of Live Aid.
    I was confused in my discussion of “Quietly Making Noise”.  We heard it July 4 1993, during the Chameleon Caravan tour.  The Fruitcakes tour I mentioned obviously followed the Fruitcakes album, in 1994.
    The Sports Illustrated CD-ROM can be seen here (bottom right).
    This is the e-mail Scott sent out, the morning the CD was released.

From: Scott
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 2:09 AM
To: All
Subject: License to Chill Review

    Well, jumped out of bed at 11:30 to hit Meijer’s CD department.  The kid working the aisle was moderately upset because he had chosen to start with the new Pistons DVD and did not really want to dig through the boxes of CD’s at that moment.  However I convinced him I was not in a hurry and would help him stock the pistons DVD that he chose to start with.  10 minutes later we were done and he went to find my CD, after another 10 minutes he came back with my $15 CD—which I thought was outrageous, but Jimmy needs the money!  At the register it rang up $9.98.  I was pleasently surprised!
    So I walked hastily to my car tearing off the plastic and having a reserved yet good feeling.  After all, this was supposed to be a Country album and my friends know Country scares me!  But, for Jimmy I would ride the tide and remain open-minded!!

Song One:  “Hey Good Lookin’” (Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and some more country people):  We all know the song and CMT has been playing the heck out of the video.  It’s an ok song it will be fun in concert.
Song Two:  “Boats to Build” with Alan Jackson:  Solid Buffett.  Easy to listen to.  This song will grow on me!  Well be fun to sing in concert!
Song Three:  “License to Chill”  with Kenny Chesney:  Same as above
Song Four:  “Coast of Carolina”:  Stopped on this one and listened to it twice!  Great Buffett!!  This is an outstanding song both lyrically and musically!  Thank you Jimmy—you still have got it!!
Song Five:  “Piece of Work” with Toby Keith:  This song is has interesting lyrics I’ll have to listen to it a couple of times to be sure but it seems good!
Song 6:  “Anything Anytime Anywhere”:  This song is going to have to grow on me.  My initial reaction is to put it at the end of my iPod “License to Chill” playlist!
Song 7:  “Trip around the Sun” with Martina McBride:  I like the two of them together.  I think they sound good!  It is pretty twangy but I won’t skip to the next song!
Song 8: “Simply Complicated”:  This song reminds me of “Math Suks”!  It’s fun but nothing you are going to be humming.  Put it at the end of your JB mix, next to “Math Suks”!
Song 9:  “Coastal Confessions”:  Once again Buffett reminds us of why we follow him!  Solid song!!
Song 10: “Sea of Heartbreak” with George Strait:  Very Country, but you can listen to it!
Song 11: “Conky Tonkin’”  with Clint Black:  (This was the original title of the Album according to my sources.)  This is classic country and to be honest I don’t like Clint Black at all.  It will be near the bottom of my playlist!
Song 12: “Playin’ the Loser Again” will Bill Withers:  Once again, very country but I enjoyed this one a little better then the last!  The song behind the country is a good song!  Bill Withers sounds good.  The second time around I enjoyed this song even more!  God, I hope I am not becoming a redneck!
Song 13:  “Window on the World”:  I enjoyed this song first time out.  Moved its way to #3 on the play list!
Song 14:  “Someone I Used to Love” with Nancy Griffith:  This does not sound like a Buffett song at all.  Not knowing Country I have never heard of Nanci Griffith, but they sound good together.  Damn, I think I am going to have to buy a beat-up pickup truck and a dog and start drinking beer!!
Song 15:  “Scarlet Begonias”:  This is a solid tune!  Great concert song!  This will move to #1 on the playlist!
Song 16:  “Back to the Island”:  Jimmy reminds us that he has not forgot his roots and will indeed return to the islands!

    All in all, a solid album and has this boy enjoying a short boat ride through the Country!  As long as it is a short ride I am willing to expand my horizon and I give this album an enthusiastic thumbs up!!
    2:08 AM!  That’s a wrap!!

    Incidentally, this is the first episode with our new logo artwork.  It was designed by my niece Heather, who runs Asteriou Designs.  As Joe said, it looks too professional for our little podcast, but we’ll use it anyway.

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