Episode 1: Mapped and Charted

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 17 2006, (9-10:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Almost down to twenty minutes!  This week: a few words with Greg 2.0, a chat with Mike, Mickey, and Schmoe; a shot with Scott; and a visit from Heidi.

    The gang wanted to watch end of the Pistons/Cavs game (which the Pistons lost, 86-84) so the recording session was delayed.  In the meantime, we recorded a segment with Scott, a few comments from Greg 2.0 (including the first of what assumedly will be many mentions of Schmoe’s Cat Story), and, as we repaired to the recording studio, a visit Big Al’s waitress Heidi.
    Our new theme song, courtesy of GarageBand, is called “Two Seater”.  Schmoe misses the date by only one full week.  Hopefully this won’t confuse people when next week’s show comes out.  Both Schmoe and Mickey came prepared with notes, determined to keep the conversation brief and on course.  As mentioned, Scott’s movie review was recorded ahead of time.  Mickey wants to point out his comment about it being “beautifully recorded” was supposed to be self-deprecating.  “At the time I was assuming the bar noise would be too loud.  It came out much better than expected, but we didn’t know this till we were all done.”  Incidentally, we returned to using the Core Sound mics this show.
    • Ebert & Roeper’s Hoot review
    • Turks & Caicos Margaritaville
    • Learn more about Tom Ball here and here
    • Roger Clyne’s Buffett quote [PDF]
    • Some gossip about Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
    • [Beware searches for “one legged chick”]
    This is the Hoot auction to which Mickey refers.  A quick look at the Bid History shows that although the auction has ended, it did not end successfully.  Evidently the minimum value was not met and the auction has been closed.  Poor Jimmy, no wants to get in his pants anymore.
    • Mike’s brother Jim’s My Space page
    • Mike and Schmoe’s Dog/Ice/Winter Movie Picks:
                Disney’s 8 Below
                Disney’s Snow Dogs
    The mention of a “robot podcast” refers to this offering [iTunes link] from 24cast.
    The end title music is called “Greasy Wheels” and is also from GarageBand.  Post-production was much more elaborate this week, with contributions from Peak, GarageBand, iTunes, Final Cut, and Soundtrack Pro.  Still hearing spots that need a little bit more work—but it’s too late now: the file is up,

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