Episode 21: The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 18 2006, (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) in the Zodiac Racquet Club parking lot in Southgate MI
    “Admittedly, this is not the show we intended. Two guys didn’t show and our recording studio was double-booked. We’re holding off on the best/worst lists we planned, and instead we’ll just stick with the usual crap.

    Like we said, Schmoe and Mike and I assembled at Zodiac in order to record a show, but our private room was occupied by a group of Hellenic gentlemen.  I can only assume they’re part of some Downriver Greek-American Club or the like.  They took their time in leaving and we ended up just recording the show elsewhere, in Schmoe’s Freestyle.  The audio might sound a little different, not only because we’re inside a vehicle.  Due to space restrictions I used my recorder’s built-in mics rather than stringing out my cool Core Sound mics.  —Oh, and I better not hear anything about us kidding Greeks.  I’m half-Greek and I was only one-eighth offended.
    Because Greg is in Chicago and Scott couldn’t make it, we decided to hold off in discussing our best/worst lists.  (And it has nothing to do with my failure to print out any of the listener submissions before going to the racquet club.)  This means there’s still time to send us your responses to the questions in the entry below.
    If I listened to radio, I would’ve known these are the Bud commercials Mike was talking about.  The Corona WAV probably came from the COB,O.org Vault or maybe the old SOASOAS archive.  I can’t remember any more, as it was downloaded long ago in the olden days when people used 1.44 MB diskettes.
    Update: here’s a better copy of the song, in stereo:

    As with the last episode, we’re discussing the original versions of “Cinqo de Mayo in Memphis” by Guy Clark and “Wheel Inside the Wheel” by Mary Gauthier.
    Hopefully Schmoe can provide some images of his iPod Nano knockoff “MP4 Player”.  For now, it kind of looks like this one.  What is really galling is that the eBay auction was full of images right from Apple’s site and assurances that the item was “genuine”.  And this from a presumably trustworthy power seller.  Too bad Schmoe didn’t read this warning first.
    Just to help Schmoe schedule his physical violence, here’s a reminder for him (with most of the quote, in the comments).
    P.S.: Yes, I know my HDTV buying habits have little to do with Jimmy Buffett (though it will make watching the Wrigley Field concert even nicer), but I left the comment in to set up Mike’s joke.  By the way, this is the TV I might be getting.)

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