Episode 29: Saucy!

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 24 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Schmoe is back, Mike brought a trivia book, Scott sings some songs, and Mickey nurses some beers.  Guest appearances by Jennifer and Lee.

    First, a commercial announcement.  Remember, our t-shirt contest ends with our next episode, on February 7!  Play along by telling us your least favorite of our podcasts.  E-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Skype us at northcoastcast, or leave voicemail at 1-774-221-7346!
    And now back to our show notes.  The Jim Mayer Time After Island Time interview is hosted at Buffett News.  The Fore-Skin Golf League site is at FSGL.net.  The Neil Finn comment comes from his article in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  Here’s an HSUS press release on Jimmy’s announcement; and here’s some Canadian coverage of the story.  Once again, here’s Margaritaville.com’s page for their Turks & Caicos CafĂ©.  Here’s Mike’s story on the guy caught smuggling 500 parrots (although the story isn’t much longer than the headline).
    The Ark, which Schmoe mentions, is located in Ann Arbor MI.  The show he would be seeing was Joshua Radin on January 30.  While we recorded, the TVs were showing the NHL All-Star game, and Scott was transfixed by a 2nd intermission performance by The Wreckers.  Schmoe and Scott mention they are looking for suggestions on other artists to listen to.  They are quite serious.  If you want to pass some names onto them, write them at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Currently they get most of their leads from the I Am Fuel, You Are Friends site and similar MP3 blogs.
    Our proposed night out would have been “Parrotheads of the Caribbean” on January 26 [scroll to middle of page] at Uptown Dinner Theater in Southfield.
    You can blame the second half of the show on Mike’s trivia book [Amazon link].  By the way, Steve Zahn played “Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr” in Happy, Texas and October 4 1979 was a Thursday.
    You can blame the finale on Listener Roger.  Ben Folds tells a similar joke, ironically as part of an “anti-piracy” message.  And “Maeby Tonight” is a deliberate Arrested Development reference.

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