Episode 36: Ready for Prime Time

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 2 2007 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “We celebrate our first year anniversary by going back where we started: Big Al’s, now known as Joe’s Prime Time. Greg and Laurie join us to take a look at the start of the Bama Breeze tour and to announce our new contest. Special guests: Elise, DJ, and Joe himself.

    Happy First Anniversary to Us!  I couldn’t resist bringing out the old theme songs for the occasion.  You could also consider this our first episode of Season 3.  And it’s also our return to Big Al’s in Brownstown, now that golf season has resumed.
    Big Al’s is now Joe’s PrimeTime.  We did a site recce the week before, wondering if the back room had been renovated, like the new owner had planned.  We were a bit dismayed to find how loud the place was, and we wondered if we might have to find a new venue at which to record.  Fortunately, things were much calmer and cooler tonight.
    02:18 - yes Gregular (aka Oops) is back.  His mention of “bikers” is because every month our back room is stolen from us by a big group of scary and intimidating bikers, on the first Wednesday of the month.  It coincided with our attempts to record tonight, too, but fortunately they vacated the back room by the time we were ready to record.  Greg’s least popular Top Ten list was back in Episode 12 and the news about his house was in Episode 9
    04:58 - Jimmy gave shoutouts to Schmoe and me, but I forgot the shoutout to Scott.  He sang “If I Had a Boat” (at the 4/28 Dallas show) just because Scott ragged on Lyle Lovett in the last episode. 
    07:35 - we talked all about that during last week’s site recce, which, despite the music blasting through the bar, Scott apparently thought was being recorded for a show
    10:23 - just a couple days after Mike mentions the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants, there’s news the chain might be closing.  Could this be the fifth shoutout?
    13:16 - every time Scott mentions Heather I think he’s talking about Heather Dee Perry.  But really he’s talking about Heather’s music blog
    13:18 - you might not be able to hear it, but Greg mentions how he’d been on a flight with the Beach Boys.  They’d been in First Class, but they graciously came back to greet passengers and sign autographs.
    13:45 - Schmoe and I were too superstitious to say anything about the upcoming interview; but it’s safe to say, now, that the interview in question is in Episode 37
    14:47 - here’s BuffettNews’s information on Jimmy’s June 8th Paris show
    15:34 - I first learned of Mike’s uncharacteristic abhorrence of all things Amish back during our Caseville road trip.  Ask him about it.  It’s an eye-opener.  And it’s difficult to answer Greg’s question since stats on Amish Internet usage are very hard to find.  I think they use a proxy or something.
    16:08 - I was miffed when Elise brought me a Bud, but the recording clearly reveals I asked for a Bud and not a Bud Light.  My mistake.
    17:04 - Heidi’s appendix scar photo can be found at the FSGL photo gallery [seventh picture down]
    17:31 - am I the only one hearing everyone say “euphenism” instead of “euphemism”?
    23:03 - why do I suddenly sound Canadian?  I think it must be pirate residue
    24:22 - I forgot all about that Margaritaville Tequila promo CD until Schmoe mentioned it.  Later that night, while editing the recording, I impulsiely gave eBay anothet shot.  I’d been unable to get the CD when it first came out, but got to snap up a copy quite easily now.  Schmoe got one too, the following day—despite his personal boycott against eBay (as discussed in Episode 21).  But, thank you to Listeners Tom and Josh for offering to help out
    25:12 - did Laurie just say “a cherry between my bosoms”?!   Yes, she did.

    Hey!  How many copies of “Margaritaville” do you own?  Let us know, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and you could win a WAOTNC t-shirt!

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 05/03 at 12:01 PM
  1. I think that “euphenism” is a euphemism for “euphemism”.

    If you know what I mean….

    Posted by Schmoe on 05/14  at  07:52 AM
  2. I like to put aside personal boycotts when I can benefit in some manner.  It’s all about me.  I still hate eBay.

    Posted by Schmoe on 05/18  at  06:28 AM
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