Episode 37: The Roger Clyne Interview

Show Notes:
Recorded Sunday, May 6 2007 (5:00 PM - 9:00 PM), at Casa de Mike, Canton MI
    “Attack of the Clyne podcast!  It’s trying to completely take over our Jimmy Buffett talk!  ...Thanks to all who helped set up the interview and thanks to Roger for being part of our show and for two great concerts.

    Show opening recorded Thursday, May 3 2007 at Ferndale’s Magic Bag theater, using the same gear with which we record our podcast.
    For those keeping score, here’s Roger’s setlist for that night

Hello New Day
Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park
Maybe We Should Fall in Love
Tell Yer Momma
World Ain’t Gone Crazy
I Don’t Need Another Thrill
Wake Up Call
Leaky Little Boat
Junebug in July
Bottom of the Bay
Jack vs José
King of the Hill Theme
Noisy Head
Goon Squad
Green and Dumb
Down Together

    Mike and Schmoe and Scott had a busy weekend, heading off to Chicago the following day for another RCPM show; and then, recording the phone interview on Sunday.
    It was Mike who got the ball rolling regarding the interview.  He contacted Patrick Steven Patterson at Lotus Nile.com, back at the beginning of April, and was able to negotiate a twenty-minute phone interview.  We had hoped to use the interview to promote Roger’s local appearance, but it didn’t work out in time.  Mike happened to meet Roger before the concert (despite what I say in the post-show gabfest), bumping into him outside the rear of Magic Bag.  Mike, once again wearing his classic “The Peacemakers” t-shirt (as seen here, from the previous year), introduced himself and we were delighted to hear Roger was not only aware of the upcoming interview but even remembered the time (4 PM CDT).  He told us he’d be calling from the back of his tour bus, between his Minneapolis and Des Moines appearances.
    So that we could all participate, we used a phone service called Free Conference.com.  This isn’t necessarily an endorsement since the results did not sound all that great.  Using individual phones backfired on us, since a lot of echo and crosstalk got picked up.  I also dialed in using Skype, and got better results that way; and the finished product is a blend between both recordings (plus plenty of tweaks and filters).
    Learn more about Circus Mexicus here.  (The name Schmoe was trying to say is “Puerto Peñasco”.)  And learn more about RCPM’s No More Beautiful World CD here.  Scott’s songwriting question refers specifically to the title track from Honky Tonk Union and “Switchblade” from ¡Americano!.  You can see the RCPM tour bus in our photo gallery.  And as long as you’re looking up RCPM CDs, here’s the link for Sonoran Hope and Madness, originally released by Margaritaville Records.  You can try meeting Roger at 3 Margaritas.  And this is the Mexican Moonshine website, but there’s not much there yet.
    Not surprisingly, the other live track, “Lemons”, also stems from the May 3 show.  You can hear Mike and Scott cheering at the beginning, over their upcoming Chicago show.  Shurman was the opening act, and you can go to their website or visit them at MySpace.  The performance here is heavily edited, for time reasons.  (There’s also a performance of it in Episode 33.

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Episode 37B: Special Features Bonus Disc

Show Notes:
Recorded Sunday, May 6 2007 (5:00 PM - 9:00 PM), at Casa de Mike, Canton MI
    “The Roger Clyne Podcast Strikes Back, as the boys present some deleted scenes from Episode 37.

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