Episode 39: You Had Me At It Had To Be You There

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 30 2007 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM), at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Schmoe and Mickey review You Had To Be There, Mike celebrates a birthday, Scott waits for his burger, Joe asks questions, Greg leaves early, Ashley serves us shots, DJ keeps checking his watch, and Elise tells a joke.

    Breaking news: Mike is changing jobs and might not be able to podcast with us.  Therefore, Schmoe wants to do as many shows as possible before the change; hence, our reviewing You Had To Be There before we were prepared for it.  Need a YHTBT cheat sheet so you can play along?  Try the one at Buffett News’s discography or the one at Buffett World’s.
    Remember when we said how nicely quiet Joe’s Prime Time was last week?  That all changed this week. Evidently Joe installed a few more speakers—in our back room, and also behind us on the deck, blasting out in the empty woods beyond the bar; and when we tried to start podcasting, the noise was deafening.  I have the feeling the speakers might have been newly installed because Joe wasn’t even sure how to disable them.  He ended up forcibly yanking out the speaker wire for us!  (You can hear Joe during the show, quizzing us on tour dates; but most of this was cut.)
    Scott’s missing food order was a Western burger.  He believes it was the added barbecue sauce which threw everyone off.  In the interest of ful disclosure, the neon “Eat at Joe’s” sign was not directly behind Scott, but would be visible through the windows in the doors.  Mike’s birthday shots cost $19, for those keeping score.  We mostly had Cabo Wabo Blanco while Scott asked for Sex on the Beach.
    The “hot girl”, we believe, was Staci Swartzenberg.  [ Hi Staci!  smile  ]    Greg also shared the story of how he tried to impress her back then by doing stunts on his bicycle, but ended up wiping out, on his face.
    One segment that arguably should have been included was when Mike’s observation (of how he got You Had To Be There a year before he ever saw Jimmy live) caused Schmoe to add that his first concert was in 1982.  Scott’s was in 1986.  And I’m fuzzy on my first concert, but I think it was 1984.  I can’t remember if we stated this so explicitly before. 
    One question I’d still like answered.  If Son of a Son of a Sailor came out in March 1978 and You Had to Be There came from the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” tour of Summer 1978, in support of the new album, why is there only one song from SOAOAS on it?  And one thing that struck me was how clean the sound is on CD.  And how quietly attentive the audience is!  I especially like the solo acoustic numbers, where you can actually tell Jimmy is looking down from the way his guitar’s sound-hole picks up his voice.
    For those not up on Internet memes, Schmoe’s “banter banter banter” accompaniment comes from the infamous “Badger Badger Badger” song.  Unaware of the litigation over “God’s Own Drunk”?  The COB,O FAQ has a brief synopsis (19th question down or fifth from the bottom).
    We didn’t get to say much about “Dixie Diner” (one of Greg’s stated favorites, as well as a reported favorite of Mike’s mom), due to everyone being so distracted once Elise arrived.  One point of contention was whether this should be considered an instrumental, considering Fingers’s rhyming intro.  Fingers recorded this for a solo album (1996’s Harpoon Man, I believe); but since that intro was not included there, maybe the Trivia Handbook (mentioned in Episode 29) was correct after all and the track should rightly be considered an instrumental
    Addendum: DJ has a problem with his portrayal in the Show Description.  “The summary is incorrect,” he writes.  “I do not wear a watch (hence I could not be checking it).  I believe I had a mosquito bite on my wrist that was distracting me for some reason???”

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