Episode 40: Power Steering Ballads

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 6 2007 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Greg takes Mike, Mickey, and Schmoe for a scenic drive through recent JB news, gets us lost while talking about tequila, and runs out of gas en route to the big finish; but at least an unanswered question from Episode 37 gets revealed.  Special appearance by Elise.

    04:19 - Rolling Stone interview (fourth story down)
    07:39 - article on the Buffetts’ DNA testing.  (And not one mention of a baby daddy.)
    08:25 - for old times’ sake, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon oracle
    08:49 - Greg made the mistake of admitting to us he does not have a NetFlix account, which to him means he’s stuck in the 90s
    09:16 - Margaritaville Tequila in Massachusetts
    12:32 - Elise had to wait on all the bikers in the back room, before we recorded.  She told us they’d been nice, but there had been a lot of boob jokes.
    14:43 - by “big station wagon”, I of course meant this (specifically 0:48 into it)
    18:35 - Greg’s tally of Jimmy’s references to alcohol was first revealed in Episode 14
    18:47 - wait for it ... I correct myself at 19:03
    22:14 - without trying to, without even remembering the need for it, I got Schmoe to fill in the backstory to something Scott mentioned at the end of Episode 37
    23:36 - not sure what CD Schmoe’s talking about as there’s no Cookie Monster in Elmopalooza, as far as I can tell
    25:38 - sounds to me like Schmoe says “pro shop” but the script says it’s really “approach shot”

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 06/07 at 10:47 PM
  1. When will photos of Elise be posted? I want to checkout her…. smiling face.

    Posted by D.J. on 06/12  at  06:46 AM
  2. Regarding “C is for Cookie”, I knew I was wrong when I first heard the playback.  I had it on some cassette tape when my kids were very young, perhaps before Elmo was even created.  But I do know (I read it anyway) that the song is on a Sesame Street boxed set.  Darn it, I am singing the song to myself again now.

    Posted by Schmoe on 07/09  at  02:03 PM
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