Episode 42: Mike, the Universe, and Everything

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 20 2007 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM), at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Scott is back, joining Schmoe, Greg, and Mickey in saying a possible goodbye to Mike.  We conduct a wide-ranging, free-wheeling interview with Mike, quizzing him on his Buffetty past.  Special appearances by Christina, Greg 2.0, and Schmoe’s and Mike’s brood.

    00:00 - do I need to mention the episode title comes from Douglas Adams?
    00:17 - Scott injured his knee playing goalie in a soccer game at the Shark Invitational the previous Friday.
    02:32 - the official House Resolution No. 333 of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania in PDF format
    02:57 - the Wizard of Oz?  More like Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version, of course)
    03:21 - and now it’s more like Barry Fitzgerald from The Quiet Man
    04:32 - the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Buffett/Chesney “Tropical Twosome” quiz
    05:00 - the occasional slapping sound is us trying to kill flying bugs
    05:25 - Schmoe is singing “Kristina”, from Rick Springfield’s 1995 album  Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet
    06:00 - Jimmy did not pick up the guitar in high school, as Scott says.  He picked it up in college (which Wikipedia confirms), but since the quiz specifies “freshman year” it might still be right
    08:21 - hey look, there’s a poll at the bottom of this entry!
    09:04 - sound effect was requested by Schmoe
    09:35 - The Jimmy Show on MySpace; the Monterey CafĂ© in Allen Park
    10:13 - Beer Pong rules
    17::01 - what’s all this crap about 8-track?  Try 8-Track Heaven or the Wikipedia entry
    17:34 - Mike and I road-tripped to Deer Creek in 1990 and Cincinnati in 1998
    22:31 - You can hear the Corona PR guy’s announcement here (at the bottom of the page), albeit in crappy RealAudio format.  Update: I’ve since made a video of that morning’s non-event, available at our Tape Library page.
    25:39 - the highly recommended Utley/Greenidge CD Heat
    28:17 - Schmoe references the fifth-season “Rosebud” episode of The Simpsons
    29:03 - you might notice an absence of Scott for the next four minutes.  He had actually left by now, but he’ll be back for the joke—which was actually recorded before this part
    32:13 - and now my John Candy impersonation: “Orange Whip?  Orange Whip?  Orange Whip?  Three orange whips.”    ...Ah, I love that one.
    33:32 - oh-oh, Scott set off the Greg 2.0 double entendre alarm!
    34:15 - Schmoe has confessed to being the one who brushed his script against the mic
    35:49 - Billy Gilbert was a frequent foil of Laurel & Hardy

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Do you think Mike leaving will affect the podcast?
  No, Mike! Say it ain't so!
  "Change is inevitable, change is constant"
  More Schmoe!
  Keep Mike, get rid of that other guy
  Who's Mike again?

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