Episode 43: Leg of Bama

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 27 2007 (8:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Only Schmoe, Greg, Mickey, Christina, and Jacob participating, but our look at the latest Bama Breeze Tour shows took 150 minutes to record and thirty hours to edit!  (The Roger Clyne Podcast starts at 17:07.)

    I still can’t get over how we recorded for two and a half hours this night.  Our panel consisted of only three people and we had little to talk about, but regardless we rambled on long enough to create our longest recording to date (till next week).  Our guests were helpful in killing time too.  Prime Time Joe told us about his next set of planned renovations, as well as sharing some confidential details about several real estate investments.  Christina visited a lot too, telling us all about the latest developments in Grey’s Anatomy for instance. 
    Thanks to some perhaps heavy-handed editing, we managed to hack the show down to a show shorter and snappier length.
    00:37 - no, Sammy Hagar did sell Cabo Wabo for eighty million
    00:54 - read along with the Post-Gazette concert review
    03:37 - the “43 or 47” quip stems from something that happened before our show started.  Schmoe had Christina guess his age, and behind him Greg was helpfully holding up a hand to show four fingers followed by three fingers.  This confused her however.  She guessed forty-five, Schmoe said “Lower”, but because of Greg’s four-and-three hand signs she responded by guessing forty-seven.
    06:39 - we discussed our most unique Buffett souvenir in the previous episode
    06:43 - I used to have a photo of my unused 2001 tickets in my online diary
    09:27 - no, Jimmy did not get the lyrics wrong.  I edited those parts together for the heck of it
    10:02 - the BufettNews setlist database confirms “King of Somewhere Hot” was not performed at Pine Knob
    10:22 - you can find that 2000 “Treat Her Like a Lady” recording here
    10:42 - and the coda, of course
    11:57 - did I confuse the stories of Margaritaville opening Hawaii and Jimmy performing in Tahiti in December?
    13:18 - that weird multi-tone hum is an airplane and a vibrating cell phone
    17:29 - get your tickets for Roger Clyne at Magic Bag here
    17:51 - Greg has won what?!

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