Episode 44: A Midsummer Night’s Ween

Show Notes:
Recorded Friday, July 6 2007 (9:00 PM - 12:00 AM), at Casa de Mike, Canton MI
    “Mike will not go quietly, insisting Schmoe and Mickey podcast at his house. They review the last two concerts, look at current news, discuss the weather, and rag on Scott.  Cameos by Jacob, Brian, Sarah, Ghallahad, The Jimmy Show, and a frog (and even a bit of Scott).

    The heavy editing of the previous episode tricked Mike into thinking we’d had a fun fast-paced show last week, and he wanted back in.  He made a special effort to get back in on the phone, only to find the joke was on him.  We recorded even longer tonight, maxing out our SD card at over three hours!  Once again, I severely hacked away at the recording, in an attempt to make it bearable. 
    00:49 - Camp Dearborn
    01:59 - Detroit News coverage of the tragic accident in Melvindale
    02:15 - Commonwealth Displays site and commercial
    04:04 - the Ween’s desktop hard drive died, his laptop computer started smoking, the latest iTunes 7.3 update ravaged my music library, my DVR ate most of my archived TV shows, and Schmoe has been having trouble with his new laptop.  All in all, a crappy week for gadgets on the north coast.
    04:04 - as discussed in Episode 17
    04:14 - that’s right, mortals—I gots me an iPhone!
    09:50 - Smithsonian magazine’s Inspiring Americans
    10:39 - what I meant to say was the voting deadline was the day after we recorded and the winner was already announced the day before the episode went online.
    11:06 - Time‘s 10 Questions for Jimmy Buffett, their full list of questions, their podcast page, and the direct link to Jimmy’s interview (or from this alternate link).
    It looks like Time‘s page for Jimmy’s answers is unavailable.  But Listener Tom provided this screen grab for the benefit of Buffett News forum members, which we’ll link to too.  And belated congrats to Listener Tom for getting a question answered!
    16:44 - Jimmy Show, recorded live Tuesday, July 3, at Monterey Music CafĂ© in Allen Park MI
    17:52 - Mike, re: “Margaritaville: “Now we’ll have another copy of it.”
    21:10 - Schmoenades were of course also mentioned here (in more detail)
    21:29 - There’s My Wank! had a brief but disappointing run on BBC2 in the early 80s
    22:37 - that old joke came from Barenaked Ladies, actually
    23:09 - we’re talking mainly about the fish joke from the end of Episode 42 and the blinded-by-a-seagull joke from the end of Episode 35.  Plus Greg’s performance at the end of Episode 43
    24:49 - Listen to the Real Men of Genius ads here or here
    27:38 - Scott’s promise came at the end of Episode 42
    31:00 - if you listen closely you can hear Scott’s cameo, ragging on Jimmy for not having finished our song

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