Episode 45B: Stars On Lake Michigan

Show Notes:
Recorded Sunday, July 21 2007 (12:00 AM - 1:30 AM), at Silver Sands Resort, Mears MI
    “Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey wrap up their Pink Crustacean review and their vacation at Silver Lake. Topics include the Chicago concert, peeing skies, HP7, and shooting stars. Catering by Chefs Jacob and Brian of the Northern Hemisphere Firewood Pizza Co.

    Note: the file first uploaded Friday morning (July 27) is incomplete.  Unfortunately I was kept from correcting this for several hours.  The file was re-uploaded as soon as I got home this evening (also July 27), and I encourage you to redownload Episode 45B to get the entire show.  (The complete show is 25MBs.  If you’ve got the 16MB file, it’s the incomplete one.)  Sorry about the inconvenience, but a redownload is the only way you can hear my gadget story, Schmoe’s HP7 story, and our latest hilarious joke.
    01:37 - seeing as the book went on sale at 12:01 AM, it could be argued that Sunday is the first full day for the seventh Harry Potter book.
    04:13 - whose theme song, by the way, can be sung to the melody of the Itchy & Scratchy Show theme
    04:33 - the cooker is like a clamshell, with a handle on each half; I probably should’ve just said that and saved everyone some time
    18:08 - due to signing their non-disclosure statement, I cannot discuss the details of Mike & Schmoe’s Krazy Tahco stand
    21:55 - growing up on the North Coast I had the hunch the forgotten poet was Stephen Foster.  I had this feeling because Foster’s house now resides at Greenfield Village and a dog house is prominently positioned by the front porch.  However, the Unpopular Poet’s dog is named Spooner and Foster’s dog is named Tray.  And with songs such as “Oh! Susanna”, “Camptown Races”, “Beautiful Dreamer” and “Old Folks at Home”, Foster is hardly forgotten….so I’m not sure why I even brought this up.
    26:37 - the noise they’re talking about is barely discernible on the extreme right
    27:13 - yes, that is a real last name
    27:43 - “The Sky is Peeing” came very close to being the episode title
    32:27 - after coming home the following day, Sunday, I discovered Borders had a “Buy 3, Get the 4th for Free” sale, so Schmoe could’ve spent the same amount there without needing any luck.  I think I broke his heart a little when I told him.
    33:35 -  learn more about the Summer Triangle here and here

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 07/27 at 10:11 AM
  1. Regarding 32:27, my heart did break a little, especially paired with the fact my niece got the book another way after begging me to buy one for her.  I finally win something, and it didn’t matter.  I have an extra book.  And now that we have all read it, there is just something so ridiculous to have four of the same hardcover books around the house.

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/07  at  07:17 AM
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