Episode 46: Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Review

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 25 2007 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at Prime Time Joe’s, Gibraltar MI
    “Our marathon review of A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean continues, this time with Scott and Greg getting their two cents in.  They and Mickey and Schmoe discuss the  Indy concert and reveal their pathetic ignorance of the BBBB box set.  Guests include DJ, Carol & The Serb, and Elise.

    00:00 - this podcast is now a member of the PodSchmoe Network
    00:31 - already discussed in the Episode 45A show notes (at 8:46)
    02:10 - according to Google Earth, our longitude and latitude is 42 06’23 N 83 13’05 W
    02:34 - also already discussed in the Episode 45A show notes (at 6:54)
    03:09 - a quick check shows six songs “Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit”, “I Have Found Me a Home” (Beaches), “Cuban Crime of Passion”, “Why Don’t We Get Drunk”, “They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More” (Bars), and “He Went to Paris” (Ballads).  I am vindicated!
    05:33 - as you probably already know, “Tinsley” should be Tinley
    08:13 - WCSX morning’s are hosted by Jim Johnson and Lynne Woodison
    11:10 - no, actually from http://www.buffettworld.com/lyrics/whitesportcoat.php.  (And Buffett News’s song archive too.)
    11:15 - instead of the usual hard plastic table, we were sitting at wooden table with a central but loose post
    11:44 - that’s DJ filling in, obviously
    12:03 - Dwight’s “Blah, blah, little comment” comment is from the “Product Recall” episode of The Office
    13:04 - KATG.com, of course
    13:27 - for your urban legend needs
    13:33 - as he record clearly shows, that was not me bellowing
    14:23 - my math is probably very bad, but I think 50¢ nowadays gets you sixty-four ounces of gas
    14:32 - “Was she in the window?”?  well, Gregspeak scholars can interpret this as “No, if she to stay in the ‘shade’.”  But “Yes, if she wanted a ‘good look’.”  Otherwise, we have no idea what the hell brought that up.
    16:22 - Armed Robbery is commonly defined as “taking property by putting the victim in fear by displaying a weapon”.
    16:49 - “[S]creeners at four United States airports had discovered suspicious, but benign, assemblies of wire attached to cheese-like substances in carry-on bag” [Link]
    17:50 - the benefit of doing show notes late: Greg follows Scott’s instructions at the end of Episode 48
    22:00 - Hialeah
    24:12 - oh yeah?  Go back to 24:02, then.  Right there!  I am vindicated!
    25:01 - in Greg’s defense, it was a “hook song” for me too, when they would play it loudly in bars at college
    25:49 - with all the underlying homoeroticism, it’s inevitable we’d start making Friend of Dorothy references
    26:51 - Shandy
    27:12 - Greg’s “Unknown Poet” is clearly inspired by Murray Langston’s Unknown Comic
    27:42 - since I brought it up, I might as well explain.  I stole baseball cards at Cunningham’s; but, in my defense, the bag of baseball cards had already been ripped open
    28:46 - uh-oh Scott set off the Greg 2.0 double entendre alarm again
    29:29 - Greg’s predilection for using ballads as driving music was explained in Episode 40
    29:59 - apparently a unique mixture of Bahamian and Bohemian, by the sound of it
    30:32 - yes, on Ballads
    33:12 - Good God, we have no idea what we’re talking about
    34:50 - Greg will use this same excuse in Episode 47
    36:35 - despite all the product placement to follow, we have yet to get free booze sent to us
    38:22 - Scott will use this same excuse in Episode 48
    38:29 - Good Hart MI is located here
    38:51 - it’s easy to find out where to find Landshark Lager.  Just use the “Locate a Retailer” app on the Landshark Lager homepage.

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