Episode 47: How’s the Bored Listener?

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 8 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time Pub, Gibraltar MI
    “It might not be our longest, but, boy, does it feel like it!  Belated, long-awaited, jam-packed, if not over-stuffed, with goodness, we discuss the last two concerts and some recent online Buffett mentions, and we review Riddles in the Sand.  Guests: DJ, Listener Ed, and Christina.

    04:58 - Usher’s wedding
    05:23 - the actual lyric is “And you may tell yourself / This is not my beautiful wife!” as well as “And you may tell yourself / My God!...What have I done?”
    06:21 - Greetings to the Brysnicki family!
    10:34 - A lesson for the kids: Don’t drink and orbit
    12:28 - Listener Ed’s website 
    12:59 - third song, actually
    15:07 - hear the entire Fresh Air interview on NPR.org.  [Link to her album on iTunes]
    22:51 - Scott is evidently too young to remember that this was a calculated marketing ploy by MCA to attract a country western audience
    22:31 - Urban Cowboy was released in 1980
    24:09 - Jane Slagsvol
    26:31 - I have a couple clips in my old TV Room
    26:48 - iTunes link to “Who’s the Blonde Stranger?” video
    35:06 - I have evidence that proves otherwise
    35:30 - I vaguely recall seeing the “One Particular Harbour” video between movies on some cable pay channels, but this still might have been after we saw the “Who’s the Blonde Stranger” video.  I really thought I was uncovering gold reminiscing about those old videos.  Too bad I didn’t remember they’re all on the Tales from Margaritavision VHS tape
    40:23 - Rhonda Coullet
    45:05 - an Oliver Hardy quote from Way Out West

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 08/14 at 10:40 PM
  1. After listening to Listener Ed’s email very carefully, I sense a hidden message.  The hidden message is that, are you ready, “He likes Tina.”

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/15  at  09:25 AM
  2. Regardless of what you all said in episode 38, Tina is very underrated as a performer.  Tonality?

    Posted by Listener Ed on 08/15  at  08:43 PM
  3. Is your email down?  I keep getting a bounce back.


    Is it possible to get copies of the Alpine Valley concert?

    It sounds like two of you have some recordings.

    I am making a picture DVD of the concert & would like to use the live music for the background music.


    Listener Ed

    Posted by Listener Ed on 08/15  at  08:45 PM
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