Episode 48: Bloats

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 22 2007 (9:30 PM - 10:30 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time Pub, Gibraltar MI
    “In which the gang reminisces about visiting Cheeseburger in Paradise, Schmoe & Mickey must defend their clandestine love of stargazing, and the gang is duty-bound to take a closer look at disc one of JB’s Boxed Set.  Guests: DJ, Jacob, and Christina.

    I was getting tired of all the audible thumping every time someone emphatically taps the table.  I switched to different mics, and now they pick rumblings and thumpings every time someone shifts in their chair!  I tried to EQ the sound to lessen the bass, but you’ll probably still hear of thumping and rumbling regardless.  My apologies if it gets on your nerves (as it does mine).  Hopefully we can get this sorted out next time.  And now, on to the show notes:
    00:00 - get your podcast on the PodSchmoe Podcasting Network
    00:21 - Scott’s podcast is called “Southgate Tech Tip of the Week”
    01:27 - the high was 80°F.  The high temperature Monday was 67°F.
    02:38 - too lazy to look up our first mention of the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant, but I know it was back at Zodiac
    02:49 - map to Cheeseburger in Paradise
    03:51 - pineapple was a popular ingredient in he Cheeseburger in Caseville contest; hence the comment.
    04:21 - play the home game with a Cheeseburger in Paradise menu
    06:54 - Sailor Jerry rum
    07:17 - Voodoo CafĂ©
    08:09 - WAOTNC Photo Gallery
    08:31 - Christina had trouble opening my beer bottle, when she brought it.  She couldn’t get a grip on the cap, since Buds are notoriously painful to open.  Instead, she bent down to try using the hem of her skirt.  This piqued everyone’s attention, and, feeling suddenly bashful, she turned her back to us—now facing DJ—as she continued to twist the cap off with her skirt
    09:10 - Is Schmoe going to hell?  What about you?
    09:40 - this just in: the Amazon pre-order page now shows only a DVD instead of a CD/DVD combo!
    09:53 - Mailboat Records
    10:15 - Buffett News’s Swine Not? page
    11:15 - another running gag, which I’m told originated from earlier in the day.  Greg was talking about softball feats from his youth, to impress Jacob, and allegedly likened himself to baseball great Rod Carew.  This led to comments such as “When I think of Rod Carew, I think of Greg” (or vice versa?), which inevitably got extrapolated to all sorts of ridiculous extremes
    11:22 - Ross School
    11:33 - Stephen Talkhouse
    12:04 - no, he did not show up
    12:12 - Show Notes blog (but you already knew that ... right?!)
    13:40 - the mini podcasts from our Caseville visit
    13:48 - apparently Hud greatly enjoy finding out Schmoe had brought out a pillow and blankets during our stargazing tryst
    14:06 - Wikipedia’s Perseid link
    16:25 - Amazon says Bob Marley’s Songs of Freedom box set came out October 6 1992
    16:33 - Amazon says James Brown’s Star Time box set came out May 7 1991
    18:34 - Amazon says Before the Beach came out May 25 1993
    19:13 - Evangeline at Answers.com
    19:45 - Greg’s top ten
    19:48 - Wikipedia’s Dennis Connor page
    20:03 - still looking for a video clip
    20:41 - such as “Turning Around” from Summer Rental or “Purple People Eater” from Contact
    24:07 - perhaps I was overly polite in keeping my silence, but I feel compelled to point out here I completely disagree
    25:46 - track from the Planete Zouk compilation
    30:03 - Scott’s excuse has already been used in Episodes 46 and 47
    30:33 - of course the lyric Schmoe wanted to recite is “I’ve got to head this boat south pretty soon”
    32:25 - nice try with Greg trying to escape from discussing Ballads, but clearly, after Episode 40, there’s no way we’d let him get away with it
    33:00 - Christina loses her cool when noticing Greg videoing her on his LG phone
    36:05 - it was Greg, it was Greg, it was all Greg
    36:17 - cf. 11:15

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 08/24 at 10:43 PM
  1. south pretty soon…south pretty soon….what’d I say?  Check the tape….oops.

    Posted by Schmoe on 08/29  at  08:37 AM
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