Episode 49: Bitch Fest on the Moon

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 29 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM), at Joe’s Prime Time Pub, Gibraltar MI
    “Season 3 finishes with our look at 1999’s Beach House on the Moon.  Guests include Rob, Brooke, Christina, and Elise.

    Rob is with us almost every week, for FSGL golf and for dinner, but this is the first time he’s hung around to join us in the back room.
    Milky the Clown was the spokesclown for Twin Pines Dairy, back in the ’50s.
    Pay no attention to the discrepancies with Amazon’s Live in Anguilla listing.  It’s all been settled since then.
    Link for Voodoo CafĂ©.
    Link for Moses Horowitz, pending.
    Link for Danica McKellar.
    For some reason Schmoe bases his entire “Spending Money” review on the one “It’s a dang fool husband doesn’t spring for his wife” line.
    “Breathe the air that we’ve blown you” is a quote from The Who’s “The Punk & The Godfather” from Quadrophenia.

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