Episode 4: PEBRAC

Show Notes:
Recorded Friday, June 2 2006 (7:30 PM - 2:00 AM) at the Schmoe abode and Wednesday, June 7 2006 (9:00 -10:30 PM), at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Our Wednesday show is actually last Friday’s show, due to Problems Existing Between Recorder and Chair.  The gang assembles at Schmoe’s house to make margaritas and listen to the Atlanta concert on Sirius.  But where’s Scott?

    As we promised on the 5/31 show, we were going to assemble on Friday to listen to the Atlanta concert on Sirius and comment on this leg of the Party at the End of the World tour.  Mike even bought a Home Kit for his Sirius “Starmate Replay” radio.  Only the core group showed up (and Scott swears he wasn’t invited, even though his e-mail address was included in all correspondence).  The concert was fun, Schmoe’s margaritas were tasty, and we ended up doing more listening than podcasting.  We did manage to record a bit after the show, but by then everyone was too relaxed and tired to say much.  The comments might be good to add to next Wednesday’s show, but we doubted they’d stand on their own.
    Fast forward to Wednesday.  Big Al’s was very crowded and the back room was taken over by a bunch of bikers.  We were too intimidated to go claim our recording studio, so we stayed in the main room for the podcast.  The conversation was good and lively and Schmoe’s cat story was even greater the second time around!  It went so well we even recorded some stuff in the parking lot on the way out.  When Mickey checked the tape, however, nothing existed of the conversation.  The only thing that got recorded was five minutes of Scott’s comments, before the podcast proper began.  Mickey swears he checked the recorder and the “REC” symbol was lit up and he was seeing mic levels; but evidently he never bothered to check if the counter was moving and tape was rolling.  Which means we were forced to resort to our Friday tape after all.
    By remarkable coincidence, Friday was the same night we discovered our first review on iTunes, and our reactions to Twinkles’ pithy comments take up much of the show.  Although Mike had had Sirius since Christmas, this was the first time he (and we) would be hearing a live show live; thus we were particularly dismayed when it started out so badly.  Fortunately this was only a temporary technical problem.  It’s possible Schmoe might be confusing Carmen Harlan with Doris Briscoe.  Schmoe’s dad’s ‘dance’ refers to when we encouraged him to stand up during “One Particular Harbour” to show off the back of his Caribbean Soul t-shirt, which displayed the lyric “I used to rule my world from a pay phone”.  (This was back when people only stood up for the second half of “One Particular Harbour”.)  In honor of Schmoe’s dad, we still perform this move (using your thumbs to gesture to your back), during that line of the song.  The new Buffetnews setlist database can be found here.  Hopefuly someone can fill in the blanks regarding the 80s tours which will go a long way toward filling in the blanks in our own memories.  And, by the way, Schmoe’s mom is not 42.

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  1. I confused Carmen Harlan with SOMEbody.  I don’t think it was Doris.  It was someone else.  A hot young newswoman who was working on Good Afternoon, Detroit, but had higher ambitions, then left Detroit news.  Can’t remember her name.  Darn it.

    Posted by Schmoe on 06/29  at  07:12 AM
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