Episode 55: Homemade Musings

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 7 2007 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Not only does Mike join Schmoe and Mickey on the phone again, but Hud is back and
Patti returns for her second visit!  The top of discussion is
Hot Water, and these losers, these losers, these losers just drone on…  (Cameo by Tommy.)

    I bought a new and shielded cord for our speaker phone setup, to eliminate any more interference, only to find the cord would not work for some reason.  Luckily, Schmoe had some audio cords in his car and we were finally able to contact Mike and get the show rolling.
    00:10 - Patti’s previous visit was when back in Episode 2
    01:30 - Amazon’s listing for the unofficial Jimmy Buffett Concert Handbook
    02:41 - Patti tried talking us into a road trip since her birthday coincided with the second Las Vegas show.  Unfortunately for her, we’re too cheap.
    05:51 - Jimmy’s intro was slightly edited here to save time
    06:56 - “Tin Cup Chalice” was performed, but it was not aired on Radio Margaritaville so sadly it cannot be included here
    07:09 - oops, this interview with Mike Utley actually preceded the Thursday show, not the Saturday show.  Jimmy’s interview on Saturday was actually an interesting, serious talk about his touring ethic and I include it here as an extra:

    08:10 - nope.  Jimmy, George Strait, and Alan Jackson lost to Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw, and the upstart Kenny Chesney.  And Mac McAnally lost to Jerry Douglas.
    09:46 - you can hear Bill make the suggestion at 38:17 in Episode 54
    14:39 - nope, I was thinking of “Lage Nom Ai” I guess.  “Great Heart” was the leadoff song for the Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays tour.
    14:55 - you can’t hear it all that well, but Patti admits “I like ‘Pre-You’”
    15:39 - George Blaha
    15:53 - Schmoe is right, the video was shown during the intermission of the February 17 1998 show
    18:16 - Duck Dunn & Steve Cropper
    26:44 - Patti mentions “Rick Springfield”
    30:42 - “Great Heart” iTunes link
    31:39 - I can’t locate it in Episode 54 any more, so maybe Greg mentioned it before the mics were on.  “Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt” scared him, he said, because it reminded him of pick-up lines from his single days.
    31:59 - I said this because I would be celebrating a birthday in two days (and finishing the edit)
    32:46 - Jimmy and Marshall Chapman exchanged a kiss (or maybe just an embrace—I was sitting far back, after all) after performing “Perfect Partner” on July 4 1987
    33:23 - Last Mango in Paris was released in June 1985
    35:01 - this recording of “That’s What Living is to Me” comes from July 4 1987.  (And I forgot to mention it includes steel drum here too.)
    37:30 - if I could find it, here’s where I’d link to that “Arlo & Janis” strip
    The snippet of “That’s What Living is to Me” is from July 4 1987.
    P.S.: New show next week.  We’ll be reviewing Live in Aguilla and also talking about “songs we’re thankful for”.  Share your own thoughts at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 1-774-221-7346.
    P.P.S.: Happy Birthday to Me!

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