Episode 58: A Last Can of Schmoe Hash

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 12 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It’s our second annual Christmas episode! Greg joins Mickey & Schmoe, with Mike as the disembodied Spirit of Central Standard Time. With special guest appearances by Lee, Shields
& Yarnell, Joey Heatherton, and Chip Davis’s lawyers.

    00:10 - Mike and Schmoe said they couldn’t recognize our theme song in this new Mannheim Steamroller-inspired version.  “Deck in the Halls” is in the right speaker, our theme in the left, courtesy of GarageBand.
    01:02 - bandolero: did I mean bandolier?
    04:32 - the tavern at Southland Mall is now a Ruby Tuesday’s.  Originally it was called McBob’s; and, thanks to my new scanner, here’s a photograph of the old interior with Christmas Carol:

Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe at left; Christmas Carol, center.

    07:59 - Radio Margaritaville finalists
    08:57 - JB’s appearance at DBA bar
    09:41 - StubHub’s 2007 tour rankings
    11:21 - the complete Times Union Parrot Head quiz
    16:00 - no calls please, it’s U of M football coach Rich Rodriguez
    16:28 - for the record, our 100th friend was the official RCPM listing
    17:02 - a clue!
    17:47 - another clue!!
    24:02 - Frozen Concoction Maker
    24:10 - Amazon’s Steve Goodman book
    24:23 - Squawker’s McCaw
    24:34 - Margaritaville Cargo.com
    24:44 - Windjammer Cruises
    27:56 - our other Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album parody.  The original features a recorder and although I have one I was lazy and just used a MIDI flute sound instead.
    28:50 - our tribute to Cheers.  Note the phone delay…and Schmoe’s scat-singing skills.

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