Episode 62: My Kind of People

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 27 2008 (9:45 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Hud joins us again as we begin responding to Listener Ed’s suggestion to review Live By the Bay.  We give a general overview this week and then, for our next episode (once we actually get around to watching the concert), we’ll go for the song-by-song review.  Special Guests: Jennifer and some Landshark Lagers.  (The Roger Clyne Podcast starts at 16:56.)

    It’s the Leap Day Eve edition of our podcast—that is, if it wasn’t for the fact it took almost a week to get it edited and online.
    Notice the clarity in Mike’s phone call?  You’d better!  It’s a major reason the editing took so long.  No expense was spared to get this show to you!  We bought a new recorder just ro improve Texas Mike’s audio, we splurged on expensive beers, and I even paid for some of the background music.

    00:14 - I swear our opening theme music was there during the editing process.  Evidently it got lost in exporting the mixdown.
    00:29 - dramaturgists call this foreshadowing.  Though in truth it’s a callback, since we recorded our big finish before we recorded the podcast (so Jennifer could participate).
    01:27 - “Gospel From the Coast” was actually the original name of Episode 10
    01:44 - “at the Beachcomber” news (via BuffettNews.com)
    02:41 - Lulu’s Biloxi SunHerald interview.  BuffettNews also points out this additional article.
    03:03 - Pulaski County’s February 21 win (via BuffettWorld.com)
    03:38 - tour date news is coming in too fast to use us as a source—better check the pages at BuffettNews and BuffettWorld
    04:11 - Sonny Landreth news (via BuffettNews.com)
    04:56 - Conan’s remarks slightly edited for time
    05:13 - Gently Weeps at Amazon or at iTunes
    06:37 - I’m pretty sure Hud said “Bookie Schmoe”, but I still choose to hear it as “Boogie Schmoe” just for the entertaining mental image
    10:00 - link to the Parrot Head quiz, as discussed in Episode 58
    16:09 - postulated because Hud has a mustache
    16:17 - this is the 80s usage of “pimping”, which is more akin to “disappoint, let down, backstab, or double-cross”
    16:50 - maybe Buffett thinks Michigan fans are like cicadas
    21:25 - link to the Garden Fresh Gourmet site
    21:33 - Crane’s Detroit Business article
    22:11 - dog food packaging?
    23:03 - Listener Josh provided us with information about the restaurant, but I think we will save it for our next episode
    25:59 - time for a Donate button?  That organ music cost me 99ยข
    26:22 - and a new catchphrase is born
    26:43 - the magic of editing.  For the record, Mike’s phone did not die out that immediately. Nor did I get his voicemail messages that fast.

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Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 03/04 at 08:59 PM
  1. You Fuckers are my kind of People.

    I’m back catching up w/ my favorite North Coast Dudes. I started w/ the Podcast before this one. I need my Buffett fix, and nothing else seems to do it, so you guys are it.

    Marine Stadium, Miami Beach, FL: I visited this place for some Offshore Power Boat Racing back in “83, so when I first saw the LBTB video, I was able read the layout. Since you guys mentioned you weren’t sure where the boats and people floating in the bay were in relation to the stage, I thought I might dial you in.

    Buffett and the boys were down at the water’s edge, looking back at the concrete bleachers (man, I can still remember feeling the vibrations in my butt as those bad boy power boats went past), with the water, thus boats and floating PH’s (newly named) were behind them.

    Let’s talk about Jimmy’s T-shirt “Just Visiting This Planet.” We used to do this Phlocking out in Vegas called “It’s Midnight & I’m Not Famous Yet” and all the PH’s would stay at this hotel called “Key Largo.” It was always associated with a Pool Party. Anyway, one year we decided to call the Pool Party “Live By the Pool” and I designed a T-Shit just like Jimmy’s (in the video) w/ the Event Logo on the back. It was really a classic! I was really into that kind of shit back then, even though I be half the people didn’t even associate it with the video. Go figure PH’s???

    I’ll try to send you a photo of the shirt. Anyway, looking forward to my walks on the beach catching up with you guys.


    Posted by Jackson on 06/12  at  05:00 PM
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