Episode 6: Ticketo Trauma

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 21 2006, (7:30 PM - 9:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Topics include our Ticketmaster misadventures, tailgating plans,
summer storms, the shortest longest day of the year, punchline races, Caseville cheeseburgers, and even jury duty. Greg joins the group and it turns out we don’t even really need Greg 2.0.

    Comments from Greg 2.0 were recorded but who needs them with Schmoe’s uncanny impersonation?  The Downriver area was beset with thunderstorms all day long, so this week’s gab session occurred much earlier than usual.  Mike was busy at work but still managed to show up for the recording (and was a bit peeved Schmoe and Mickey had discussed going on without him).  Our weekly technical problem was Low Battery once again.  We were able to edit around it, but the break in taping occurs around the halfway point of the show.
    Harmony House Records & Tapes was a chain of record stores and a popular source for Ticketmaster purchases.  But as Amazon.com and other online outlets became prominent, Harmony House was forced to close almost all their stores. 
    The Fluorescent Light story comes from when Hud used to live by a power tower, and Greg’s declaration one rainy evening that we could get a fluorescent bulb to light up if we went out and held it beneath the power tower sizzling in the rain.  Mickey sure he was risking sterility nevertheless volunteered for the experiment, declaiming “I HAVE THE POWER” as he held the bulb aloft.  It did not light up, unfortunately.  But Greg still swears the experiment should have worked, and blames the wind for spoiling the conditions. 
    Mickey’s friend’s music store was called Record Den.  For no real reason, here are links to Frenchtown Square Mall and Southland Mall
    Mike & Mickey shouldn’t be too concerned about their “LT9” tickets.  Similar seats are going for $195 to $270.
    And here’s Greg’s Fishfly Festival link.

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