Episode 72: Two for One

Show Notes:
Recorded Tuesday, June 10 2008 (11:00 PM - 12:30 AM) at Pine Knob, Clarkston MI
Recorded Wednesday, June 11 2008 (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time Pub in Brownstown MI
    “A special double feature in the wake of Jimmy’s 2008 concert performance.  (Appearances by Scott, Greg, Jacob, Patti, her cousin Debbie, Schmoe’s daughter Kate, and others.)

    Hey kids, it’s our second “Tales from the Parking Lot” show!  By the way, it might not make the best podcast for driving since there are a lot of car horns in it.  And now onto the show notes…
    00:39 - wrong again.  It’s Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    01:49 - thanks to gingerbreadman, of the Buffett News discussion board, we got to hear Jimmy’s Radio Margaritaville pre-show interview after the concert
    02:08 - according to Wikipedia, Pine Knob Music Theatre became DTE Energy Music Theatre in 2001.  That’s longer that I thought but still not long enough for Schmoe’s talk radio callers to be ignorant of.
    03:12 - the DTE Energy FAQ lists capacity at “15,274 Total *7,202 pavilion, *8,072 lawn seats”.
    04:11 - the Freep‘s Garden Fresh Gourmet article
    04:40 - at the tailgate the night before, Mike and Schmoe joked how they only needed to add milk to turn the Margaritaville “Island Lime” chips into a kid’s breakfast cereal
    04:57 - Scott related how he had witnessed a woman win the opportunity to board the Margaritaville party bus.  She presented a laminated certificate from WYCD 99.5 “Detroit’s Country” (née “Young Country”)—whose only claim to Buffett is the License to Chill album!—which had a booth near the front gates.
    05:42 - and here’s where we get invaded by the Prime Time Pub softball team.  They had been enjoying a celebratory meal on the patio, but it had been a muggy day and I guess the mosquitos were too bad and drove them inside.
    06:14 - because of Episode 67, of course
    06:26 - yes, it was only around eleven:o’clock when we started recording
    06:42 - recognize the little audio cue?  Can you guess where it originated?
    08:00 - my guess is Schmoe is referring to their July 17 2006 concert
    09:48 - yep, that’s right, back on July 20 1994!
    10:13 - incredibly, Palacenet did not put out a single port-a-john, even though the lot opened at 2 PM
    11:12 - that’s somebody driving over some glass
    11:40 - another Roger Clyne reference, this time to Mike & Schmoe’s fabled Circus Mexicus show where Roger urged to crowd to “pace yourself” ... until changing his mind near the end of the show.  Probably mentioned in Episode 69A but I don’t feel like listening to it to find out.
    13:36 - for those paying attention back in Episode 64, I bought one of Mike’s tickets and I sold my tickets to Patti and her cousin.
    13:47 - you can see our angle in my cellphone pictures, in the preceding blog entry
    18:42 - I Twitter’d on the road and during the concert
    20:29 - visit Sonny Landreth at Sonny Landreth.com
    21:25 - said because Jimmy had messed around with the song order at the June 5 Atlanta show
    21:33 - but, no one noticed we missed out on hearing the new “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” arrangement
    22:12 - said because Jake had announced the appearance on his website
    23:08 - some nice shots of Jimmy wearing the jersey, courtesy of chippewa on the Buffett News discussion board
    23:57 - just to set the stage: you can’t hear it, but the Tommy Bahama lady (and her beau) pull up in a second vehicle, as the Palacenet worker drives off
    24:40 - aw heck, why not: here’s a link to Tommy Bahama
    24:43 - a reference to Sharkjaws Adam’s appearance in Episode 71
    24:49 - evidently she though I said “Prove it” because she leaned forward and it really looked to me like she was going to undo her bikini top—and I wonder if that’s why her beau suddenly cut the conversation short and drove off
    26:47 - the True Colors tour
    28:24 - did you guess yet?  Did you?  It’s from the opening to “Dreamsicle”!
    28:30 - another Roger Clyne shout-out.  The song playing is “Ashes of San Miguel”.
    29:44 - maybe “daily” is too strong, I have no way of knowing.  But weekly?  Every other day?  Venues don’t clean their port-a-johns, do they?  Don’t they just have some company swap-in fresh ones?

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