Episode 73: The Chicken Wrap Concert Wrap-Up Rap

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 18 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time Pub. Brownstown MI
    “Another look at Jimmy’s Pine Knob show, along with the final dates of the tour’s second leg, Mickey monologues about Saturday Night Live, and Rachel helps out with three — count ’em, three — jokes.

    00:02 - for the record, Greg’s was the first hiccup, with Mike’s reenactment following.
    00:29 - no, it won’t
    00:46 - Thursday,  July 17, at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati OH
    00:57 - either Audacity or Vista.  I blame Vista.
    01:32 - courtesy of gingerbreadman at the Buffett News discussion board, here’s a WMV file of Jimmy and Mac doing “Coast of Carolina”
    01:53 - gingerbreadman comes through again with the complete pre-show interview from Pine Knob
    02:48 - chippewa, of the Buffett News board, offers a couple nice photos of Jimmy in the Red Wings jersey.  And this is Schmoe’s idea of a “Tin Cup Chalice”.
    09:25 - Greg insists he is mocking me with that pronunciation
    12:00 - I completely failed to mention the return of “We’re Still Here” during the MSG show for the only time this leg
    12:02 - once again I have misremembered.  Jimmy ragged on our follow-spot operator while introducing “One Particular Harbour” but mentioned him in New York during the introduction to “Cowboy in the Jungle”.
    12:12 - that errant voice is actually someone barging into the back room to see the new LED palm trees (shown in the preceding blog entry)
    18:30 - as always, this clip is edited for time
    19:22 - WDIV Channel 4 were also the geniuses who delayed Late Night with David Letterman an entire day for Our Gang and Barney Miller reruns.  WKBD Channel 50 was an independent UHF channel, but more recently was a UPN and now CW affiliate.
    20:50 - Buffett News’s story on the Little Feat album
    21:09 - Amazon link for Sonny Landreth’s new From the Reach album
    21:16 - the song is “Hell at Home”, but it’s only new if you’ve never heard Sonny’s album The Road We’re On from 2003.  Which I haven’t.
    21:43 - remember, Scenes You Know By Heart is only available at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and, of course, Mailboat Records
    22:35 - an old quote of Schmoe’s
    22:49 - as heard at the tail end of Episode 70
    23:03 - I know, it’s not.  This is.
    23:18 - Journey’s new lead singer

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