Episode 74: Coverville

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 25 2008 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time Pub. Brownstown MI
    “We’ve complained in the past about the prevalence of cover songs in Jimmy’s albums and on tour, but now, in a new North Coast fourcast, we choose what covers we do like. A big crowd tonight with Schmoe, Greg, Mike, Mickey, Scott, Patti, and Larry on the panel, with guest appearances by DJ, Nathan, and Rachel.

    We had a huge turnout for this one.  Scott returned, Greg was back, and even past participants Patti and Larry showed up.  All making for a lively and loud conversation.  In fact, we had such a big crowd Scott and DJ sat at a different table, which explains why Scott sounds a bit off-mic. 
    The episode title obviously refers to the far superior Coverville podcast, at Coverville.com.  (There was talk of maybe using “Coveritaville” instead.)
    00:11 - it sounds like Schmoe says “Jew”.  This isn’t an edit, so don’t blame me.  That’s the way it sounds on the recording.
    00:17 - Patti hasn’t been on a panel since Episode 55, and, before that, way back in Episode 2.  Her homecoming might have been a bigger deal if she hadn’t just appeared in our tailgate recording two episodes ago.
    00:51 - Greg was really hoping to get a picture of Rachel when she came back to our room, so it was particularly funny when it was Larry who brought us our round of beers instead (at 03:55).
    01:21 - Margaritaville Rum, via Buffett News.  Out in September.
    02:24 - Nadirah Shakoor’s YouTube page.  ...Or is that iTube?  ...uTunes?  (Don’t forget to click “More info” for the full write-up on this video and her album.)
    03:22 - Join the Band info at Little Feat.net |  Link to Amazon’s pageLink to iTunes’s soon-to-be-live page
    04:24 - This is the chef, at the bar’s entrance, of which Schmoe speaks.  And, as you can probably guess, Greg’s instruction to go left is deliberately incorrect (hence my comment).
    05:22 - note to self: the pig’s name is Rumpy and the boy’s name is Barley.  The book even states this on every chapter, but I still get them confused.
    05:53 - Famous Dave’s
    07:40 - Amazon link for Sonny Landreth’s From the Reach album
    08:15 - Amazon link for Jake Shimabukuro’s Gently Weeps album
    08:36 - the band is Pearl Jam, with their “2008 Bootleg Program”.  The concerts actually are available on CD, if desired, but are also available in MP3 or FLAC.
    Little Feat sells their concerts too!  Come on, Jimmy, start serving concerts at the Radio Margaritaville site!
    08:52 - I think this is what Larry is talking about
    09:34 - Commonwealth Displays
    10:51 - Link to Zodiac Racquet Club…as soon as they join the 21st century and get a website
    11:40 - Scott is of the opinion we’re repeating ourselves with this episode’s fourcast.  He is part right.  In Episode 23, Covers Charge, one question in our fourcast dealt with our favorite cover song.  And now, all four parts of tonight’s fourcast deal with our favorite covers.
    19:58 - actually, it’s written by Big Al Anderson, Stephen Bruton, and Sharon Vaughn; and has in fact been covered at least twice.  Big Al Anderson’s version of “Trip Around the Sun” is on After Hours, available at Big Al Anderson.com; while Stephen Bruton‘s version is on Nothing But the Truth.
    20:04 - a Goldmine writer’s opinion on Covers vs Remakes 
    23:08 - feel free to add your own cricket sound effect here
    24:09 - a.k.a. Southgate Fireworks.com.  (And if those commercial breaks aren’t enough, why not another one?)
    26:03 - it irks me I studied the discography so carefully but I still forgot about the Margaritaville Café compilations.
    28:42 - Will Kimbrough - and, hey, he’s got a podcast!
    29:50 - Jesse Winchester
    30:55 - “California Promises” is off the Steve Goodman album Affordable Art, available at Steve Goodman.net
    31:04 - “Boats to Build”, written by Guy Clark, is the title track of his album and is also on Jerry Jeff Walker’s Cowboy Boots and Bathin’ Suits
    31:13 - “She’s Going Out of My Mind” is off Mac McAnally’s 1989 album Simple Life; and, by the way, “It’s My Job” is off his 1980 album Cuttin’ Corners
    33:46 - that’s Larry’s ringtone, which I guess, being written by Irving Szathmary, could be considered its own cover
    34:23 - I know, we’re all thinking it, but she was referring to her fists
    34:49 - the “U.P.” refers of course to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Did Rachel tell us she’s from St Ignace?  I don’t remember.
    35:57 - oops, I was supposed to edit that part out.  Cue the evil, Dr Horrible-like laugh!
    And finally, here’s another behind-the-scenes video from our recording session, with outtakes and deleted scenes.

Highlights from Episode 74 (HD) from ShortFatGuy on Vimeo.

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