Episode 76: Mic Check

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 16 2008 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM) at Joe's Prime Time Pub. Brownstown MI
    “Wherein our heroes talk about ... umm ... ehhh ... stuff ... kinda. And at least Mickey proves he can record and make phone calls at the same time. (Voices: Scott, Greg, Mickey, Mike, Schmoe and special guest Ashley.)

    01:45 - Kenny Chesney seeks inspiration from Mike's instrument, via Buffett News
    02:36 - Martin Guitar
    02:53 - Buffett underscores Shark Week, via Buffett News
    04:13 - the highly recommended Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the Coral Reefers
    05:53 - as discussed in Episode 71
    06:50 - Government Honey
    07:03 - Mike adds that former Government Honey guitarist "Brian Engelhart played a record 44 hours in 2005. This was on the GH website, but Jim let his URL expire and someone squatted it. So, no URL. I did some searching to find another, but all I got were hits on some kid that apparently broke the record this June."
    08:28 - I am knowingly being highly optimistic
    08:44 - ** SPOILER WARNING: he makes it **
    09:50 - Trenton's website and on Wikipedia
    10:55 - as mentioned in Episode 63
    11:18 - a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference

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