Episode 77: Don’t Drink and Drivel

Show Notes:
Recorded Sunday, July 20 2008 (12:30 AM - 1:30 AM) at Casa de Schmoe
    “Mike was free and in town which set in motion this bonus podcast. We study the first concert of the third leg of the tour; but we waited so long to begin, we were well in our cups by the start recording, leading to one of our wildest, loudest, most drunken episodes!

    I think the original intent was to podcast with the Alpine Valley show in the background, but instead we ended up listening to the show and partying. And then, later on, Scott remembered the RCPM show in Florida was being streamed online. (The stream was archived -- both RCPM and opening act Shurman -- and we embedded it into the blog the following morning, as seen below.)
    Also, I took advantage of Schmoe's wi-fi to do our own streaming, broadcasting some of the podcast live on Live Video.com. Here is the footage from that failed experiment. The spill is Greg's. And Mike is writhing about to the Photo Booth roller coaster effect on Scott's MacBook.

Highlights from Episode 77 from ShortFatGuy on Vimeo.

That said, here are the show notes:
    00:00 - as always, Schmoe and Mike are reminiscing over then events covered in Episode 69A
    01:31 - as seen in the show notes of Episode 71
    03:20 - told you. It's Episode 2
    03:29 - I can't even remember is this made it into a show or not, but this is a reference to Mike and Schmoe texting each other in order to listen to RCPM's "Mekong" at the same time. [Oh yeah that's right: it was first mentioned in the Episode 75 transcript.]
    07:42 - from "The Nude Man" episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, Season 3. And yes, I am liberally paraphrasing the skit.
    08:02 - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog had premiered the previous week, on July 15
    08:47 - ...you know ... on the Orca? ... in the movie Jaws?
    09:56 - at long last, we've uploaded the photo in question. Check out Greg's pose here and here, and then picture Mike with his hands up by his chest like bunny paws. Actually, why not picture Mike in a whole big bunny costume? (I am reminded we made similar jokes in Episode 65 -- when Greg was in attendance!)
    12:48 - both of these were mentioned in Schmoe's ultimate setlist, also from Episode 71
    13:11 - Schmoe's fourcast was discussed in Episode 74
    18:41 - no, I think it was "Coconut Telegraph" that had the rough start
    23:29 - Sailor Jerry
    25:26 - mentioned during our "Lost Episode" (Episode 75), here's some YouTube footage of that appearance
    29:21 - Schmoe refers to the Season 2 episode of WKRP in Cincinnati titled "For Love or Money"

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