Episode 80: Beyond the End Zone

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 13 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe's Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Mickey, Greg, Schmoe, and Mike discuss the first of our JB-inspired football tailgate playlists plus the latest in Jimmy Buffett news.  (Cameo by Rachel.)

    00:19 - well, Schmoe is “Secretary of Everything’
    00:42 - this is true
    01:07 - a dig at Schmoe’s overreaction to Y2K
    01:58 - Belgian company InBev agreed to buy Anheuser-Busch on Sunday, July 13 2008.  However, it was not till November 12 2008 that Anheuser-Bush shareholders approved the sale.
    04:27 - originally discussed in Episode 65
    04:57 - Bullwinkle's recording of RCPM’s September 23 show at the Magic Bag, from Archive.org
    05:04 - that would be Episode 78
    05:18 - a reference to “Fish Story”, Episode 21 of WKRP in Cincinnati's first season.  Watch it on Hulu.com
    05:52 - Biloxi Margaritaville Cafe work slowdown, via Buffett World
    06:21 - Margaritaville in Biloxi to be redesigned, via Buffett World
    07:39 - Margaritaville in Chicago, via Buffett News
    08:39 - Stub Hub’s Rockingest Cities, via CNN Money.com
    10:25 - Stub Hub’s Top Summer Concerts, via CNN Money.com
    11:47 - Jake Shimabukuro in the New York Times, via Buffett News
    11:58 -Jake Shimabukuro on YouTube
    12:16 - oh why not: Chocolate Rain on YouTube, for old times’ sake
    12:24 - the Jimmy Buffett / Bankie Banks autographed guitar auction, via Buffett News
    12:56 - Clay Eals on casting a Steve Goodman biopic
    14:08 - Clay Eals’ book Steve Goodman: Facing the Music, at Amazon
    14:33 - 21, on IMDb.com
    15:09 - the official site of legendary U of M announcer Bob Ufer
    15:49 - the official University of Utah site
    19:17 - ** Spoiler warning: Utah squeaked past Michigan, 25-23 **
    19:58 - University of Utah on Wikipedia
    22:08 - the grave itself
    23:42 - “Don’t wear shorts if it’s stupid to wear shorts.” Quote of the Episode!
    23:59 - Schmoe refers to the "Schmype" episode.  And following our recording tonight, Schmoe found that he hadn’t been lying and he did have a joke; it was just buried in his papers.

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