Episode 81: In Touchdown With My Insanity

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 20 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Joe's Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Season 5 ends with another football playlist, Greg reporting from the Margaritaville Café
in Myrtle Beach, and Scott getting drunk.  Cameo by Rachel.  Background vocals by DJ and Jacob.

    01:02 - said product being my 3G iPhone
    01:17 - Schmoe is not being psychic.  He and Greg had been texting earlier.
    05:28 - hey, why not read along, at The Onion.com
    05:34 - and here's the background music too ("Come Monday" in MIDI form). I don’t recall where I got it, so unfortunately I cannot give proper credit.
    11:03 - oops, I meant “turn over”. I always get “crank” and “turn over” confused.
    ...And I'm talking cars here, by the way, I’ll have you know.
    12:10 - a Nathan Fillion quote, 2:35 into the Firefly gag reel.  Have I mentioned you should buy Firefly: The Complete Series on either DVD or Blu-Ray?
    12:53 - the official Miami University site
    14:14 - ** Spoiler warning: U of M beat Miami University, 16-6 **
    15:48 - just for Scott: Brooke Hogan's website
    17:27 - note to waitstaff: please do not insult customers before they’'ve paid
    18:33 - this is true.  Scott does not exaggerate

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