Episode 83: Tryin’ to Get Together Again

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 10 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “What was intended to be our review for Last Mango in Paris turns into a rehearsal for our review for Last Mango in Paris. Cameos from Lee, Cindy, Jen II, and another special message from Scott.

    I set the recording gear up early, but then we spent a lot of time trying to get a steady signal from Zodiac's faltering wi-fi.  Plus Mike had his own delays, in Houston.  By the time we started, Scott had had to leave, and Greg made it only halfway through the show.
    Bonus trivia: the original title to this episode was "Nights Needed Not These Assholes".

    01:11 - this might be the podcast that took the longest between setup and actual recording, but the latest-starting was Episode 77
    01:30 - referring to Episode 53
    02:19 - referring to Episode 82
    03:02 - "till the broadcast" should be "up to the broadcast" I guess. What I meant was I had spent all my money already
    03:32 - A joke.  He really hasn't
    03:35 - referring to a deleted scene from Episode 78.  All the talk about Bacon Salt was excised from the finished podcast, to save time.  I now regret having done that, since Scott has made it such a running gag
    04:04 - as shown in the photo below, Scott used Greg's LP as a reference

Cindy and Schmoe enjoy Scott's Last Mango review

    04:14 - we're beginning to suspect Scott is hard of hearing
    04:15 - Greg is talking about the lack of liner notes and barely any artwork in MCA's CD reissues
    05:47 - I'm bitching about the barely present wi-fi signal
    06:13 - inside joke. Greg once broke his ankle at a U of M game, doing a jig after the announcement of, coincidentally, a Slippery Rock score
    07:18 - Harmony House Records and Tapes
    08:02 - ICE Newsletter
    08:10 - Nashville Now video from my old TV Viewing Room (something else I need to upgrade, when I find the time)
    ** UPDATE: I guilted myself into encoding all my old VHS tapes and creating a new video archive page!  You can watch Nashville Now, in its entirety, here! **
    09:00 - Schmoe and Mike went on to explain how they married sisters (which makes them weens-in-law), but this was cut from the show for time
    10:33 - the timeline is confused here. Hopefully it will get worked out for next week's show
    10:55 - you can hear Greg saying his goodbyes in the background.  This too was cut for time
    11:03 - New York Times's story on the Wouk tribute, via BuffettNews
    11:45 - Mac's Musician of the Year CMA nomination, via Buffett World
    14:15 - the agave article, previously mentioned on our blog
    15:31 - our great biofuels debate was also cut for time
    16:32 - Zodiac now has two waitresses named Jen: Jennifer, heard last year, and Jen II, heard now. Cindy, our waitress last week, dropped by on a night off just to hang out with us

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