Episode 90: The Review and We Do

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 19 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It's our review of Living and Dying in 3/4 Time. (Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:00 - Schmoe usually handles the Skype duties, but Scott volunteered this week (but Schmoe took over again about halfway through)
    02:13 - Real Kiteboarding.com
    02:17 - this week’s cellphone interference brought to you by Hud
    02:40 - Mac’s CMA win
    02:53 - Jimmy at Gators game, from the Miami Herald
    04:03 - ajimmybuffettfan.com
    04:55 - yes, you heard right. We’re only now reading a letter from October 6.  We suck.
    06:37 - I know, I know! New South Wales — what do I win?
    09:53 - the gatefold, courtesy of Buffett World
    09:58 - mentioned in Episode 60
    12:45 - perhaps because the back cover credits list the "Second Coral Reefer Band"
    15:11 - I beg to differ.  People still know who Ricky Ricardo is, right?  He's the I in I Love Lucy.
    15:42 - Andy Devine's IMDb page
    19:31 - my 1999 setlist page
    19:52 - Ringling, Montana, on Wikipedia
    20:16 - a range expander to boost the wireless signal (first discussed in Episode 82) and a deadbolt to more firmly close the back-room door and keep it from always coming ajar and letting in jukebox noise
    20:41 - we finally confronted Jennifer tonight about why they play the same half-dozen songs every Wednesday.  We were under the impression she and Lee have no imagination; but she blamed it on some other Wednesday regulars
    23:29 - another reference to the Episode 27
    24:07 - see 23:29
    24:25 - No.  It's a “coincidence”.
    26:48 - editor’s note: the recording was accidentally stopped during the “Brand New Country Star” review and not noticed till a song or two later.  We made up for it by redoing those songs, hence all the coy comments about having rehearsed
    29:10 - Scott is not kidding. Because of the above mentioned mistake, he is able to quote Greg’s review.
    29:30 - see 23:29
    34:31 - “in the window” is a reference to dating age (in relation to ours, that is); not to, as some might think, European red light districts
    39:02 - Schmoe continued to wax rhapsodic over Willis Alan Ramsey's first album, as he did in Episode 35, but all that has been cut out
    39:58 - former Detroit Piston John “Spider” Salley, on Wikipedia
    40:30 - I presume a reference to the medical marijuana proposition (Prop. 1) we voted for last Election Day
    41:51 - I read it on Buffett World’s lyrics page
    44:36 - the boys are yelling at Lee while trying to watch the Central Michigan Chippewas lose 31-24 to the Ball State Cardinals (“the fiercest robin-sized bird in the world!”).

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  1. Do people know what I Love Lucy is?

    Favorite line:  “That’s the dying part.”

    Posted by Schmoe on 12/09  at  03:27 PM
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